Jun 22

The van driver should have pulled over on his own Accord. Now he’ll going to get a Civic lesson on hit and runs. Hopefully the punishment Fits the crime and he goes on an Odyssey to his local penitentiary.

Jun 2

Do the Germans have an equivalent of “penny wise and pound foolish”? I’m sure it’s one big word that’s like 46 characters long and has accent marks I don’t know how to make.

May 29

If someone dies in a car crash, you have their odometer reading at death, and the year and mileage of the car’s initial registration with that owner is more or less public record (on the title). Read more

May 18

For highway driving I have no complaints whatsoever about the seats in an 80s or 90s Suburban, a 90s Dodge truck or an 80s Grand Marquis. The Recaros that came in some 90s Chevy police cars wrecked my back in 30 minutes. It took me years of acclimation before BMW E46 sport seats didn’t hurt after 90 minutes, while I Read more

May 11

It’s easy to get likes by shitting on airlines, but they are in one of the worst possible business models around: High capital costs and immediately perishable goods (the value of an unsold seat is zero after takeoff). The impact of any economic downturn is magnified several times when it comes to its impact on Read more

Mar 26

I’d be much happier with an 80% paycheck than a 0%.

Mar 3

I guess for folks in the desert regions, finding a rust-free Fox wagon is no big deal. For the rest of us, not so easy. It was hard 20 years ago when I built one! This one already has power windows and locks - I’d rather swap engines than swap doors or install power accessories! It’s a shame the LTD got the T-bird Read more

Jan 30

Reliable and Alfa does not belong in the same sentence, unless that sentence contains a huge NOT. The CLA is another odd choice considering rear leg room is an issue. This dude is clueless.

Nov 12

“Good Tires”, Bob mused, casually lighting a cigarette, “But certainly not great tires.”

Nov 6

Yup. Then the story would be like, toyota engineers worked hard on it to develop (but their role was only to resheath the body panels) while the entire vehicle would be built by subaru engineers.