Afroduck, who has run afoul of the law, has taken wing and flown the coop, possibly migrating north to huddle with his family Read more

He was in originally, but I had to take him out to make room for more prominent peen. You understand. Read more

Hey let's crosspost this to Deadspin, that'll get lots of hits and fights. Read more

That's all I'm saying, man. I love dick. I just don't want to get fired. Read more

I nominate Kansas City International (KCI.) All terminals. Why? They were designed long before post-9/11 security requirements. The terminals are circular in shape, and the way the gates were arranged they had really no central security screening. So groups of gates have their own security checkpoints which were

May I please keep "Ruthless Hater Ginsberg" for my imaginary roller derby name? Read more

That's the cool thing about the interwebs, you just click on what you want to read. Read more

Wazzat a bouncing microphone I heard? Read more

I watch Shonda shows as an excuse to look at pretty people while drinking wine in my sweatpants. It's working out pretty well. Read more

Huh. I used to own a gold Lexus GS300. Very comfy trunk. Read more

My last bf I met on OKC, and we had a high percentage match... I think at least in the 90s, we had incredible chemistry. Read more

Oh I know that it's just with the conservatorship her father has full legal control over her so I don't think he's willing to pursue less profitable avenues for her to fill her time with. She may want to develop other skills or interests but she is not the one steering the ship. Read more

Or having a purpose and a schedule helps her handle her mental illness. Remember, she only knows entertainment as a lifestyle/career, and really hasn't had a chance to evolve other skills. Read more

Thank you. For little college student me, it was so exciting. Larry King! Reading my bullshit words! Read more

I think they don't know how to handle her mental illness so keeping her scheduled and working to fill her days is the best way they know how to keep her out of trouble. Read more

Please, Britney's handlers, let her retire to Louisiana with her boys and her money. Let her become fat and happy. Let her quietly receive the treatment she needs. Read more

I have so many mixed feelings about the fact that Phyllis and Freddie got back together. I mean even as a kid, I really wanted her to end up with the CPR instructor. Read more