Nov 9

Tell that to my dad who wound up crushed between a car and a telegraph pole. The guy span because his rear brakes were knackered.

Oct 14

Or perhaps left the fate of the Poles solely for the Germans and the Russians to sort out?” Read more

Sep 28

S-Types with the 3.0 V6 could be special ordered with a manual.  They do exist but obviously harder and harder to find as the years pass.

Sep 16

The Bolt is a genius car and I really like the concept, form-factor, and general thoughtfulness of its engineering. Unfortunately, I really dislike its looks. I hoped it would grow on me like the new Volt did, but that tacky little pinched headlight-to-greenhouse badge, the huge, dopey Chevy grille, and the really

Sep 9

I don’t know if you’ve ever driven a really fast Tesla, but I assure you it’s not as exciting as it sounds. The lack of engine noise and gear shifting means it’s just one continuous shove in the back...kind of like being in an airplane taking off. That’s fine and a good way to show off to people, but it gets quite Read more

Sep 8

Don’t take this the wrong way. I just have zero interest in sports cars with auto transmissions. I pretty much have the same reaction to any article about a sports car (exotic or otherwise) once it becomes clear from the article that no manual option is offered. I can state with 100% honesty, that I’d rather own a 2020 Read more

Sep 3

The Q7 has been around for about 4 years already. This S version is the first one being rolled out as part of the mid cycle refresh of the Q7 (only major difference besides minor cosmetic stuff is the dual screen center stack). This review literally covers all of the stuff in the car that can be found in the regular Read more

Aug 6

Eh.  Lots of us don’t mind sticks in traffic.  I prefer their crawl speeds and one-foot driving over autos a lot of the time.  

Mar 2

In my area there are lots of Guilias and Stelvios. As a long time AROC member, I always ask how they like it, and I have yet to meet anyone personally who has had a problem. They seem to like them, but yes, the statistics are out there so someone is having the problems. 

Mar 2

I have a 1997 155 V6. It is magical to drive. Never went wrong. I would get a new Giulia if they sold it in a manual in North America. They don’t, so they don’t get my money.

Mar 2

Its anecdotal but my Brother-in-law has a Giulia Ti Sport and loves it. He is at 40k miles and the only trip to the dealership was his fault. He has let me drive it a couple times and it drives wonderfully. I can see why people risk it, it is truly a great drivers car. 

Mar 2

What is wrong with all of your eyes? That thing is fucking gorgeous. 

Feb 28

I can’t believe I read the words “I’m really exited about the RAV4” on a supposed enthusiast website.

Feb 28

yes all good points truly good solid reliable cars. That doesn’t mean that I have to have one. Great for those that do. Freedom of choice.

Feb 28

And the Rav4 isn’t? They’re the same, just from different companies.

Feb 22

Cant argue, I’m a big fan of both. Too bad EVs cant be manual. A one-speed transmission is the next best thing.
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Feb 6

The lower fascia is definitely an improvement, as are the headlights. The grill shape, not so much.