Burrito de EJ25
Oct 3 2015

I want reasonable ground clearance, but handling like a car. I want decent room for people and cargo

Aug 21 2015

Did you really just use ‘gay’ as an insult? What year do you live in? Can you burn me some Eminem CDs?

Aug 16 2015

Papa John is a giant douche, so I don’t feel sorry for him.

Jul 22 2015

I think bringing up Tidal was actually pretty poignant because it’s creation (or acquisition) was very much in line with why Taylor took her music off of streaming sites like Spotify. She, of course, was lauded for her choice, while Black artists, specifically, were not. It’s not petty to point out the different Read more

Jul 11 2015

here’s how this thing works, you provide expensive item to licensed, serviced and bondable company who holds it “in trust” to perform the service that they were hired to do, they do not have carte blanche to stick their penis in the glovebox anymore than they do to go gallivanting around the countryside in your car. Read more

Jul 11 2015

Or, as a mechanic, maybe don't abuse your power and get fired. It's not like this was some honest mistake, they were going to buy and eat food in his car which is very clearly using it for personal reasons, not working on his car.

Jul 11 2015

Or perhaps they shouldn’t be taking customer cars for their lunch breaks...

Jul 3 2015

He’s become Mr. Toad.

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Jul 3 2015

There are more rapists and murders who are American citizens. Have you seen the statistics on how many American college girls get sexually assaulted by legals? Also technically speaking the illegal migrants are more American ... That being said 99% who come to this country are really hard working individuals who are Read more

Jun 28 2015

To be fair to him, if I had that sort of money I would be racing in some type of series as well. I’m not the worlds greatest driver and people would probably mock me...mostly people who aren’t driving a race car.