Jun 12 2019

I truly have no idea why I get such a kick out of the idea of Ted Cruz, most unlikeable person on Earth, and AOC, his exact opposite, successfully joint-sponsoring a bill for OTC birth control, but if they do I feel like the universe will finally start to feel like it’s getting back on track.

Jun 12 2019

Frankly, the idea of First Lady Rosario Dawson makes me warm to the idea of President Cory Booker, and that feeling once again renews my deep disturbance at the further celebrification of electoral politics. I’ll stick with my first choice, which is full communism, but Rosario is still cool.

May 21 2019

“Please put it about that I really want to go back to the college I had exactly zero interest in going to—a statement I publicly declared over and over again—so that people think I care about education because that will be good for my damaged brand”? Read more

May 14 2019

All I’m going to say is that I wish The Bachelor/Ette enterprise goes back to the Trista/Ryan model where they feature older adults - not women who are mostly 21-28 and men 25-33. It makes for MUCH better conversation, humor, and maturity - and the drama is still there - but not douchebags who are clearly NOT ready to Read more

May 14 2019

My grandparents are from Sweden and I am very into witchcraft and Norse pagan religions and this movie looks like a horrifying bastardization of all that I hold sacred and I AM HERE FOR IT.

Nov 19 2018

I love how beibs is going for that “just got married and am completely letting myself go” look.

Oct 22 2018

It’s almost as if these are just terrible people, right down to their cores. [thinking emoji]

Oct 4 2018

Isn’t the job of a judge *not* to get emotional? Like, regardless of the situation, you remain an arbiter of justice? That he couldn’t take getting criticized for the first time in his life without flipping his lid and going on a hyper-partisan angry-cry rant says all you need to know about him. That it only took a Read more

Oct 4 2018

Sounds like an alcoholic apologizing for beating his wife and kids after getting too drunk and taking out all his rage on his family. Read more

Oct 4 2018

“I wouldn’t have had to do or say those things if you hadn’t upset me. So I guess I’m sorry you were hurt because of your own actions. It will be different from here on out (as long as you don’t upset me again).”-Every abuser, ever

Oct 4 2018

Morons on twitter and elsewhere have also been sharing this picture of ‘ford’ standing with Bill Clinton to prove she’s a dem operative, not realizing that this is actually Kirsten Gillibrand. I don't get how someone can be dumb enough to make that mistake but smart enough to operate a computer to post it.

Sep 5 2018

I personally hope Angie has a revenge romance with Juliette Lewis. 

Sep 5 2018

Love that Midweek Madness is back, and that Brad and Jen are pregnant with their 114th child.  Mazel you two.