Totally agree about the Hound: he won’t die until he gives the Mountain his due. Read more

Did anyone else love Tormund’s desperate attempts to impress Brienne? The whole giant’s milk thing, I think he totally pulled that out of his ass. Read more

I am all for our girl getting some. If I thought the end of the world were nigh, and I had a hot single dude at hand who was game, I’d totally go for it. Read more

“While Sansa and Theon held each other, I imagined Theon Arya—face paler than usual, eyes empty—mindlessly battling against Brianne or Jon Snow. Fucked up and sad, right?”  Read more

The weirdly forced scene between Dany and Sansa wasn’t that weird in that Dany did it because Jorah suggested that she should. The North hasn’t really welcomed her and Sansa’s been doing nothing but giving her side-eye so it was an attempt to at least win over Sansa. Dany’s whole schtick is to show up at some place, Read more

This would all be so engaging and emotional if only Emilia Clarke could act. Read more

My issue with this episode is this: it was an excellent episode, but doesn’t fit what the show has become the last couple of seasons. Read more

I’m so over Dany that I’m not entirely surprised her first reaction to Jon’s revelation was terror that he’d take the throne. He clearly could care less, which is part of his appeal, but she’s fallen so far down the “the Iron Throne is mine simply because some blood runs through my veins” rabbit hole that I don’t even Read more

HOP HOP HOP into that pussayyyyyyy

**May I please be ungreyed?** Read more

He definitely cared about her but probably more in a Platonic way. IMO the older Arya was able to change the tone of their relationship. See the flirting and teasing from her through their interactions in this season. See the dismissive tease walk away and twirl when she told him she was the only rich girl that he Read more

The Hound’s gotta survive this battle - he has a zombie brother to kill. Read more

It’s funny that some people are more disturbed by Arya having consensual sex than the time she killed a guy, baked his body parts into a pie and then fed it to the guy’s sons. Read more

As if Tommen Baratheon hadn’t been an 11-year-old looking boy, and no one blinked at him fucking as king. Read more

So Brienne and Grey Worm are both for sure toast (ILU SER LADY BRIENNE), and Jorah is pretty fucking likely. I’m thinking the Hound makes it. Probably Beric, only because I feel like we need more time to understand why he’s been brought back so many times. Maybe Sam ushers everyone in the crypt to safety through Read more

I’m anti them because Arya is a badass mothafucker and I just don’t buy that having sex would be a big priority for her character.
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i just 

Another take on the Arya storyline this episode was her going from serving death to fighting it. Rom gendry describing the white walkers as death itself and her bad ass I know death he has many faces I look forward to seeing this one line to turning away from the hound and beric her old companions and enemies, who Read more

Shrug we have seen pages from the unfinished book where she has sex to murder someone so yeah I can see her bone Gendry. This is also while she is pretending to be an actress playing Sansa and maybe fake boning a dwarf on stage...
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that a Man is more right to rule simply because of his gender Read more