She had a crush on Gendry before she was a badass killer, so I completely buy that she wants to spend her potential last night alive boning him now that she’s grown up and badass and got his attention. I also didn’t read the Sansa/Theon thing as being intended as romantic, though I could be in denial because I’ve Read more

Theon is for sure a goner. He’ll complete his redemption arc by dying trying to defend Bran and Winterfell, which is poetic considering his earlier betrayals. Beric’s death is highly likely. Brienne also highly likely. I actually don’t think the Hound is going to die (yet). Last season they had him confronting Read more

I’ve accepted the fact that I am probably not going to be happy with or at least satisfied by the ending, so if it’s better than I’m expecting I can be pleasantly surprised and if not, well, at least I metally prepped for that.  Read more

He’s too pure for that world, which means he’s probably a dead man walking. *sobs* Read more

Yup. She let herself be goaded into a racist stunt in an ill-advised attempt to win a pissing contest with Trump and lost. I can only imagine how vile and anti-Native the Trump camp’s messaging would be if she were to win the nomination. Warren managed to simultaneously hurt Native people and shoot her own campaign in Read more

She was probably shocked that he actually walked out on her. Now they’ve been separated for a while and she’s had time to stew and grow to hate him. Read more

I get that they had to reunite a lot of people and set some things up, but did we really need yet another eunuch joke aimed at Varys or to see Bronn get his dick wet or a fanfic dragon ride so aunt and nephew could go make out in peace? I submit that we did not and that, furthermore, there had to have been something Read more

I thought he was with the Second Sons? Read more

Yup. She was also standing somewhat to the side of/behind Sansa when Jon introduced Dany to her. Read more

Yeah, his character is sleazy and the fact that Lena apparently hates his guts IRL makes me wonder if the actor himself isn’t sleazy too. All around unappealing.  Read more

Fuck em. Kelly Marie Tran got a standing ovation and all of the fans at the panel yesterday chanting her name. Read more

You sound like a screaming baby yourself. Grow up. Read more

Don’t know if it’s confirmed, but I saw reports stating that Scott Beierle was a member of FSUGOP at some point in time. Read more

The retconning of Mickey’s character and his relationship with Ian is especially ironic now. IIRC, in s7 it was Fiona urging Ian to forget Mickey once they heard that he had escaped because he was “not good for Ian” or some such nonsense. Ian was “not that person anymore,” yet his life spirals out of control after he Read more

I love how his response to her was a perfect example of exactly why no one should ever “debate” him. She CLEARLY made an analogy, and he responds by saying HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF CAT CALLING. There is no good faith debate to be had with Ben Shapiro, ever. He’s a showman who’s looking for attention and sound bites. Read more

This morning I came across a tweet by a man with a Hillary-themed username and Progressive Feminist label in his bio which implied that Sharice Davids isn’t getting the same post-win media treatment that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did because she “doesn’t have Bernie’s ejaculate on her face like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Read more

The saddest thing about it is that she wasn’t trying. Sacha Baron Cohen got her. This is a clip from Who Is America. Read more

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Becca is annoying and she picked a reactionary POS for a husband.

She looks like an orange creamsicle wearing blush and lip gloss. Read more