Mar 14

My boss has been doing exactly as David describes for well over a decade and it works for him too. It’s not that he isn’t working, he is, he’s just doing it on a schedule that suits him and then remaining reachable. Read more

Feb 25

Of course, the interesting thing about the Reliant Scimitar is that Princess Anne... Oh, you already know?

Feb 18

That little opening is known as the “Giraffe hatch”. You know, so you could carry a small giraffe with its head poking out...

Feb 14

”Hey you guys! Get all of the week’s most important, UK-biased motoring news from The Motoring Podcast. Download and listen from a podcast player or stream from motoringpodcast.com .” 🙄 Read more

Feb 14

Yes! This drives me crazy and my podcast co-host takes the rampant piss out of me for it.

Feb 12

If you don’t think that this is an awkward boot then you’ve never packed a VehiCross...

Feb 8

There’s a saying here in Europe that there are two kinds of lorry drivers; those who drive a Scania and those who want to drive a Scania. Read more

Feb 3

The optics on this are so bad. I wonder which part of ”We’re going to sue a charity to get a meaningless name we want” seemed like a good idea?

Jan 31

It’s a Toyota Yaris GRMN, one of 400 with the 2ZZ-FE engine and an Eaton supercharger putting out about 213PS through a Quaife LSD whilst only weighing about 1100kg. It’s quick, it’s rare and its my daily driver.

Jan 31

My biggest issue with the GR-4 is, ”Do I desire it more than what I already have?” 🤔

Jan 26

Nice one👍 that’s not an Ital though, it’s a Marina which was its just-as-shitty predecessor.