10/23/20 4:50PM

And yet Ford Europe (or anywhere outside of the US as far as I have seen) have never offered this, even on cars that are sold globally, weird.

8/15/20 3:56AM

You can still have permanently fitted tow balls, just most people prefer the removable ones these days for aesthetics, though I think over a certain weight you can only used a fixed one.

6/20/20 4:20PM

Calling them stop lamps is not the correct way to describe them though. When they are on a car is definitely braking\has the brakes applied, but not necessarily coming to a stop or indeed stopped, thus brake lamps is a better name for them.

3/06/20 3:59AM

You need to take in to account that the price shown is the "On the Road" price here in the UK, all taxes, delivery charges, registration etc paid. Also it isn't much more than a decently optioned but slower and less wheel drive Polo GTi (in fact you could easily option a Polo GTi to that or more, mine was 27.5k with Read more

2/24/20 9:29AM

I used to have an 03 Astra 1.8 SRi in silver identical to your picture (even down to the none factory fitted SRi badge on the back!). It was surprisingly good car to drive. Also the 1.8 was rated at 127 hp, the 1.6 had 115 hp.

1/13/20 4:12AM

They are cheaper to insure once registered as a campervan and also no longer subject to lower speed limits on A roads and Dual Carriageway's (10mph lower for commercial vehicles).

1/12/20 3:08AM

This is a subject which I was talking to my brother about yesterday spookily enough. He has just bought a van to convert in to a camper (2017 Peugeot Boxer L4 H3). Him and his family are the outdoor types, lots of hardcore mountain biking etc, so the van will be set up for that, large “garage” at the back under the Read more

11/28/19 12:11PM

All F1 cars to have non-syncro 3 on the tree gear boxes with HUGE spaces between the ratios, none of which are quite right for powering out of a corner.

10/30/19 4:11PM

Uunfortunately that doesn’t ring true as the French have a long history of make cars with amazing ride quality and great handling ones as well.

10/15/19 2:53PM

The 1 and 2 series are from a size class above all those (A3, Focus etc).

10/15/19 2:50PM

Well the i3 is a hatchback so you definitely shouldn’t consider it as a sedan, also the hatch version in Europe is called the M135i so the “grand coupe” version will most certainly be called M235i.

10/12/19 2:54AM

Got to admit that the plaid seats in my 2019 Polo GTi are one of my favourite things about the whole car, why anyone would pay extra for the awful “Arts Velors” trim is beyond me -

9/14/19 4:11AM

That would be because you’re a higher rate tier earner which is fair, plus you wouldn’t pay that (actually 40% not 36%) on anything below the basic rate allowance limit (up to £46,350), it's only 20% and you get a tax free allowance on anything up to £11,850.

9/13/19 5:54PM

Funny how in the land of the free people had to pay tax on their free cars while here in the UK it would have just been a (tax) free car.......

9/04/19 2:21PM

It won't be cheap and we won't even be considering it to replace our i3 next year no matter how cool it looks. New much cheaper and almost twice the range Renault Zoe it will be I think.

8/21/19 12:16PM

Hare in the UK, the land of MASSIVE depreciation on cars and esp ones with big powerful petrol engines, RS6 Avants hold on to their value extremely well.

8/19/19 4:21AM

If it was an R56 with the PSA “Prince” engine it was probably an engine temp sensor (or 2). We had a Citroen DS4 with the 200thp Prince engine and it started losing coolant, not a lot but enough for me to want to book it on the Monday to get it looked at (started on a Friday) so just topped it up, the next day it came

7/27/19 10:58AM

Ok I’m going to be “that guy”. This advert is from late ‘86 as the car is a D reg, so September ‘86 onwards. The BX had been on sale in the UK for few years before that, this advert is for the facelift version (the white indicators the full size of the headlights are a giveaway). Read more

7/20/19 3:41PM

I think he has confused hyper cars with super cars there, by his reckoning a Lamborghini Huracan isn't a super car, nor a Ferrari 458\488 etc when they most certainly are.