1/24/20 11:25PM

This has probably already been said, but, I think you MIGHT be missing the point of the C8 Corvette, and just whom Chevrolet intends to sell them to. Read more

1/12/20 11:33PM

Why does an automobile that is a campervan need to be registered as a campervan?

1/12/20 10:14AM

A part of me would want to just get vinal of the word“Motor Caravan-Style” across each side and see if the individual checking the pictures had a sense of humor, but I know they don't

1/09/20 3:56PM

Let’s hope so, that’s the slow lane in UK.

1/09/20 3:10PM

Why? Do you have experience with the 406 or other late 90s/very early 00s Peugeots? These are known to be rather reliable. The 200+ k miles on his is quite normal.

10/30/19 3:44PM

If they have a 15 year old platform they can stuff a V8 into it meets the Mopar criteria 

10/29/19 3:29PM

That was my thinking. Yes in the long run it almost always costs more (every so often you can get lucky and get a car that ends up depreciating faster than the leasing company assumes it will, but that’s rare), but if you are the sort of person who likes getting a new car every few years and you are good about Read more

10/11/19 11:51AM

I’m kind of indifferent to my golfball shifter but I would nominate her for a Nobel Prize based on the plaid seats alone which are my favorite part my GTI. I’m still shocked that VW hasn’t messed it up by discontinuing them (and they have a bit by only offering leather in the SE and Autobahn trims this year).

10/01/19 9:28AM

annnnnd it already broke down, literally on the way home for the guy who bought it

Read more

8/30/19 6:35PM

It’s an American issue I guess. ‘Cooper’ is a trim, with a more powerful engine. No just in the MINI hatch, but on the midi sized MINIs as well. Read more

7/30/19 11:32AM

918 Spyder technology for 911 Turbo money...and also slower than a 911 Turbo and no more fuel efficient.