Jan 24

This has probably already been said, but, I think you MIGHT be missing the point of the C8 Corvette, and just whom Chevrolet intends to sell them to. Read more

Jan 23

But does not work quite as well for Poland, where all the other ones are built

Jan 12

At that point use painters tape to do one up for cheap.

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Jan 12

A part of me would want to just get vinal of the word“Motor Caravan-Style” across each side and see if the individual checking the pictures had a sense of humor, but I know they don't

Jan 9

Let’s hope so, that’s the slow lane in UK.

Jan 9

Why? Do you have experience with the 406 or other late 90s/very early 00s Peugeots? These are known to be rather reliable. The 200+ k miles on his is quite normal.

Oct 30

If they have a 15 year old platform they can stuff a V8 into it meets the Mopar criteria 

Oct 29

That was my thinking. Yes in the long run it almost always costs more (every so often you can get lucky and get a car that ends up depreciating faster than the leasing company assumes it will, but that’s rare), but if you are the sort of person who likes getting a new car every few years and you are good about Read more

Oct 11

I’m kind of indifferent to my golfball shifter but I would nominate her for a Nobel Prize based on the plaid seats alone which are my favorite part my GTI. I’m still shocked that VW hasn’t messed it up by discontinuing them (and they have a bit by only offering leather in the SE and Autobahn trims this year).