Adriel D. Mingo

I am using both. I find Infinit much faster than Pushbullet, for larger files. Also the fact that I can multi-select pictures and send them, is really cool. I’ll keep Pushbullet for the notifications mirroring, the browser compatibility. Read more

I'll pray for you as you Deal. With. It. should anything similar injustice wise happen to a loved one of yours. Read more

Where's your data for this? Where are the reports on non-brown people shot by police? Even the likes of mass killers? Read more

Clown, friends? Really man? Not even respect shown. Peace. Read more

Microsoft had flat design going since mediaplayer, then the zune interface and zune player. They didn't "simply play around with it" on Xbox. Be sure you make more informed statements writing for such an influential site, man. Read more

AWWWWW YESSSS! Do you know how many times I've needed such a way to extract data?? Oh my goodness, if only I had this in high school. Read more

The context of Isaiah 45:7is God rewarding Israel for obedience and punishing Israel for disobedience. God pours out salvation and blessings on those whom He favors. God brings judgment on those who continue to rebel against Him. “Woe to him who quarrels with his Master” (Isaiah 45:9). That is the person to whom God Read more

"1000s of years...." I agree. Read more

The Euthyphro dilemma is actually a false dichotomy. That is, it proposes only two options when another is possible. The third option is that good is based on God’s nature. God appeals to nothing other than his own character for the standard of what is good, and then reveals what is good to us. It is wrong to lie Read more

I mean some of it is ridiculously hard to understand and make sense of, I give you that. But God also forewarned them that they could eat from absolutely anything else in the garden but the fruit from the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil or they shall surely die (his words). But in comes Satan, they believe him over Read more

Now that's kinda bad, I agree that you shouldn't have the Bible pushed on you. But hey, parents mean well. Discipline is also something that's pushed on you. No one generally wants to abide by rules as a kid, but it pays off in the long run. Now you didn't say exactly why you pushed back and how your thinking tied Read more

Huh? It very much is related to his moral status! IF he was morally unsound as you say, we wouldn't be alive today. Humankind would've been kaput! His morality, his love and grace is exactly why we're still breathing today. You speak as if every hour of waking day is shrouded in absolute misery (perhaps yours is?). Read more

Because of the fact that we are alive, we're provided for, that our beings are the most incredible things ever, that we have been sustained on this planet for thousands of years. That he sent his only son to die on a cross for us. Read more

How does he fail to meet his own moral standards? He creates them! He's God! In fact we could've all been wiped out for our rebelliousness, starting with Eve and Adam in the garden, but he had a plan of salvation for us. He sent his son to walk this earth and then die, to show that he loved us and that we could Read more

Geez, Tell us how you really feel bro! Windows has always been an iterative OS. And Windows 8.1 in particular is just the beginning of Microsoft complete revolution. You act unfairly when you spew utter hatred about something that serve its purpose quite well and will only continue to move onwards and upwards. As for Read more

FAAAAAQ I actually fell for the snow on the Pyramids one! Shame on me! I typically check out all sources before posting but this one slipped under my radar. Read more