Adriel D. Mingo

In my experience, asking before you kiss someone does not ruin the moment at all. Being deliberate, receiving consent and checking in afterwards ensures that everyone is having a good, safe experience and goes a long way to increase comfort and sensuality. Every person has the right to define their boundaries and how Read more

well, if the kid -was- making a play for the officer's gun from thirty-five feet away, while facing away from him, I'd certainly grant that confronted by Stretch Armstrong IRL i would be deeply concerned Read more

They shot someone who presented no immediate danger. That speaks for itself. Read more

So from what I gathered in this reply is this: Read more

Which is the problem. Police are not judge, jury and executioner. Talking back or being confrontational should be expected and should not be grounds to murder someone. Read more

HAHA, you really believe that don't you? Read more

not walking on the sidewalk is trouble and thus you should be gunned down? I don't know what to say Read more

He did stop. That is how he got shot the third time. I honestly wish he'd never stopped running, he may still be alive. I agree with you, if the police tell you to do something, you should do it...but the punishment should not be death if you don't. There are so many steps before death that could have been taken. This Read more

The police will be on your ass if you aren't in trouble. The police will be on your ass because they have nothing better to do. The police will be on your ass because they can. Read more

That is a catch-22 for any black person in America. There is no reason to believe they won't kill you if you stop as well. Zero reason. Read more

The problem is that he knew that if he stopped he was probably dead. Instinct can easily take over when you're threatened with death, and "get the hell out" is the most basic instinct in such situations.

We should not be shooting people for being human, nor should we be constructing situations in which people must live Read more

To be fair, it's not new to Windows... it's just something that's overlooked. Read more

Country folk don't use Google? Read more

Did they REALLY have to show two guys kissing? I don't care if you accept homosexuality or not, it's still disgusting to see two dudes making out. Read more

Can we all agree this is clutteriffic? I know default iOS 7 is pretty sparse, but this way overboard in the opposite direction. Read more

If you think that's ridiculous, you should see the dunks that his brothers Crackle and Pop pull off. Read more

Forgot one.

I'm probably going to get flamed all to hell for this comment. Read more

I'm inclined to think that Smart lashed out because the guy was being nasty towards him, since people don't just lash out for no reason, unless Smart's a psychopath or something and I think that's the less likely reason here. Read more

Despite not being in any sort of physical danger, Zimmerman still plans to shoot DMX. Read more