Admiral Hawkbar
Aug 17

“She was apparently saved when her pants came off and she fell to the ground unconscious.”
Karens always showing their ass.

Aug 17

We must go forwards, not backwards! Upwards, not forwards! And always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

May 12

I'd savor a debate between her and Pence. She'd absolutely murder him and leave a chalk outline around his prone body. I'm not sure Mother Pence would like to have him stand so close to a woman in public, either.

Feb 3

This is the sort of analysis that's missing now that Deadspin was killed by that fucking herb.

Feb 3

Exactly. Not to mention the knock on Mahomes was that he needed High level NFL coaching to develop which is why he was on the bench his Rookie season. Yet somehow the guy who failed to properly develop Mahomes is college got a job instead of the guy who turned him into a MVP and superbowl champion.

Jan 22

She should drop it anyway. It’ll take some time but if you work the change slowly, people will finally get used to it. It took some doing, but I am finally okay with calling The Rock by his real name: Wayne Johnston.

Dec 11

Racist bone disease has now spread to the molecular level. Truly a sad sight to see.

Dec 6

There are people in the world who believe the earth is flat, and that school shootings are elaborately staged plays, and that Donald Trump isn’t just a three-card monte street hustler with a better suit. Is it that far of a stretch?