Admiral Hawkbar
Sep 10

This trailer has stoked my enthusiasm so much that I am starting a re-read today. I am going to annoy everyone with my recall of the minutiae of the Duniverse. Read more

Dec 3

Is Kringle related to Kringler? My wife and her family make Kringler, which is a flaky multi-layered affair topped with an icing infused with almond extract. It’s almost like a short crust topped with choux. It’s purported to be of Swedish origin.

Nov 18

Ozymandias is imprisoned on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter -and- Laurie Blake = Laurie Juspeczyk = Laurie Jupiter = The daughter of Sally Jupiter = I just ran out of push pins and string for my conspiracy board. I have not idea what it means.

Nov 5

Can he solve the mystery of the autoplaying ads on the AV Club? Because they’ve already ruined Deadspin. 

Oct 31

Much love to all the writers. This place was great and I will miss it terribly. Hope the new ownership gets run over by a car. 

Oct 30 2019

I’ll ride for Springfield Cashew Chicken all day. Only slightly Chinese, but all delicious. And you can’t get it anywhere but that tiny radius outside of Springfield MO. 

Oct 2 2019

As the owner of 2 Lionhead Rabbits, I’m well aware of the fact that these creatures are definitely not bred for life in the wild. Does this mean that Lops are the Bulldogs/Pugs of the rabbit world?

Sep 26 2019

Neil Young does a single note solo on “Cinnamon Girl” and it’s transcendent. This is awful. How does that even work?

Sep 16 2019

I live in Kansas, so it’s Kobach, Pompeo, Brownback, and... more other names than I have time to type right now. Can I just tell you who doesn’t suck? Laura Kelly and Sharice Davids. That’s about it.

Sep 16 2019

Andy Reid’s Chief’s nickname is “Big Red”, but I think we know who the real “Big Red” is.