Jul 10

Nope, but if I was inside it and a crowd of people started breaking the window, I would get out of there the best I could. An attack on my property while I’m inside it is a reliable precursor to an attack on my person.
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Jul 10

Also, if you don’t want cars in your protest, you work with the city to get the roads where you’re protesting closed. Lots of groups do this when organizing marches or protests. Read more

Jul 10

People who dont stand in the middle of the road get hit 0% of the time. True story.

Jul 8

The restaurants will then be able to claim the money back from the government on a weekly basis using an online system, which will reimburse the money within five days. Read more

Jul 8

So someone jumps in front of your vehicle to stop you with their bicycle and their body while someone else tries to break out your windows (which you can clearly see in the video) and you don’t think flooring it and getting out of there is a good idea? I’m sorry he hit someone, but it’s completely understandable.

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Jul 7

I never did anything like this, but I’m glad there was no social media and everybody didn’t have a video camera on them 24/7 when I was a teenager.

Jul 7

You have the answer, the way for Chinese brands to hit America is to buy an established OEM and then bring product and production over here. Read more

Jul 1

Here’s the deal with that - the people (mostly men I’m assuming) who want luxurious trucks don’t want a luxury badge because it’s not “manly” enough. So as a result you have $80k high end trim levels on very common half ton pickups which these same people are happy to buy.

Jul 1

The words don't matter. Fine, it's a fetus... that would have become a baby, that would have become a full grown human being. But now they are gone. That was their one shot and it was terminated. That person, with their specific traits, genetic make-up, psychology and features will never exist again. They don't get Read more

Jun 30

The company had a promotion where you paid $10 (or maybe it was $5) for a new expansion with some surprises, and they had a questionnaire where you provided your demographic information. Then, without having told anyone what they were doing, they took the money that people paid, pooled it together, identified the most Read more

Jun 30

Look up Margaret sanger, the founder of planned parenthood, and say that the black community isn’t targeted, I dare you.

Jun 28

This. The market doesn’t exist anymore. But it’s not crossovers that are the killers of fun. My wife has a Renegade Trailhawk that I don’t like, but there are a lot of fun elements to it. And she loves it. Read more