Oct 30

When anything truckish stays for sale for that long in the less than $3K price range, there's usually a good reason. 

Oct 28

The cars go to a used lot and are sold to paying customers.

Oct 6

The new Lexus J201, for when you can’t decide if you’re a 56 year old dentist, or a 28 year old overlander bro. 

Oct 5

LOL, I’d rather have this not running Isuzu and take an Uber to work than having a free Spark, much less actually paying for one I don’t even own.

Sep 22

That’s missing the point; the third row is rarely ever unfolded, 90% of the time it’s used as a four seater. For the two times a year you visit grandma, then you get out the third row. It’s the convenience of having it available instead of needing to rent a van when you travel, persay. That said, it’s also convenient Read more

Aug 31

“Unfortunately due to COVID19 we are unable to give you a pay raise, but here is a a Jelly of the Month club for a year.”

Aug 20

I forget, how long did Colin Kaepernick have to wait before he got his NFL job back?

Aug 18

People have been clamoring for a “rugged” small SUV from Ford since they turned the Escape into the Kuga. It blew my mind when I was selling Fords back then that people were coming in demanding the old one. Id talk them out of it by having the old Escape and the new one parked next to each other and telling them to Read more