Oct 30

Yup, you can swap them if you change the bellhousing. I had a beefed up valve body in one of my XJs that was actually a Supra part.

Oct 30

Early automatic trans 93 ZJs had the AW4 instead of the 42RE, which I believe is even rarer.

Oct 27

Nope, never. All it takes is a quarter of a second of lag to turn a lane change into a pile up at highway speeds.

Oct 9

I have like 40 oak trees and I let all that shit until November when I blow it onto the street where a big ass vacuum truck sucks it up.

Oct 5

These were all 4x4. The seller must have figured f=four.

Sep 28

You’ll drive yourself crazy when you find out how expensive that keyless ignition can costs to diagnose and replace in the LR4. The EPB is a bit of a pain, but pretty cheap to fix DIY.

Sep 18

I’m not sure I could ever purchase a white car. I’d be holding out for one of those nautical blue ones if I go that direction.

Sep 18

That’s extremely accurate. I’ve been looking at used ones and if you are OK with white you get a $3k price cut.

Jul 31

Def depends on the situation and what you are trading. I used my wife’s Versa as down payment for her lease. I could have spent a few weeks dealing with cheap asses on craigslist and finally maybe getting $3000 for it, or dump it right then and there for $2300. No brainer.

Jul 13

Quality short track racing is some of the most fun you can have as a spectator. Throw me some $6 Coors Lights and a hot dog or two and I am there.

Jul 7

I’ve used exclusively HF jackstands, including recalled ones, and never had a problem.

Jul 1

Anyone who uses the work “simp” needs to crawl back into their internet hole and stay there.

Jun 30

Tire poke is really dumb. Makes it harder for the tire to tuck into the fenders, and gets rock and dirt and shit all over your truck. In some cases it needs to be done for suspension clearance but that is NOT the case with the WK2 and size tires he’s running.

Jun 17

In southern california, maybe. But this thing is in MINNE-RUST-A-SOTA. $6500 is a nice price all day for something this old and this nice. Gotta know your market.