Jane, you ignorant slut.
Dec 18

It’s odd because it feels like the perception of Whedon has been really divided. Like, some people refuse to ever work with him again, while other actors remain fiercely loyal and follow him from project to project. He fires Charisma Carpenter for being pregnant, but then has a bunch of Angel, Buffy, Firefly, and Read more

Dec 13

Sia choosing to put a 12 year old Maddie Zeigler in a cage to dance/fight with a half-naked Shia LaBeouf really bugged me when the music video came out in 2015. And it's one of those decisions that ages worse every year.

Aug 12 2019

I feel so lucky in getting to watch her. It's so rare to see an athlete perform and to know that you're watching one of the all-time greats, who is changing the sport forever.

Aug 12 2019

I adore her. What a joy to watch an athlete at the top of her game, aware she is the best, and who just keeps pushing herself to new heights. I’m in awe of my own luck that I get to watch her.

Jul 27 2019

No one complained about Season 8 because of the visual effects being lacking. So how about we just keep this comments section positive, since it's celebrating the pretty incredible technical work this team accomplished? There are a million other places where you can complain about the writing.

Jun 30 2019

It has been interesting and somewhat telling to me, how many prominent female artists unfollowed Scooter Braun on Instagram after Taylor's Tumblr post dropped. 

May 22 2019

I had a medically necessary episiotomy (baby A wasn’t progressing after hours of pushing, and was showing signs of starting to inhale, baby B’s heart rate was dropping, I wasn’t tearing naturally, doctor became concerned for both babies, and I narrowly avoided an emergency C-section). I honestly dont know how many Read more

Jan 18 2019

Seriously, don’t watch that Cardi B music video at work. It’s about a 1 cm leg spread away from being straight up porn.

Nov 28 2018

It could be called "The Handmaid's Tale 2: Electric Boogaloo" and it would still be better than Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu.

Jul 4 2018

I’ll admit I subscribed and commented, just to see if I’ll get banned. There’s some sort of attraction to wondering if you’d been in Avengers 4, would you have lived or died? This is about the closest I’ll get to finding out my half of the coin flip, I suppose. Read more

May 4 2018

I want to know if Thanos only killed half of *intelligent* life, or if, like, half the Earth’s ants are also now dead.