Jane, you ignorant slut.
Dec 30

Nobody seems to deny she needed the psych eval, and her own lawyer supported her getting it - after all, you can be having a mental health crisis AND be trying to tell the cops something true and important and scary. [indeed, there’s probably a correlation] Read more

Dec 27

There’s a lengthy comment tut-tutting at everyone for failing to understand code-switching. Meanwhile, this broad is just straight up playing pretend. I don’t get it; there are links people could click to get the background info, but instead the reaction is to blindly defend her. Is the gut reaction to pity her Read more

Dec 27

Yeah I'm really confused why people are trying to make it out like this woman isn't a lying grifter. It's very weird. 

Dec 27

Baldwin says she went by “Hilary” in the U.S. and “Hilaria” in Spain because “neither name sounded good in the other language.” Read more

Dec 21

Honestly, the only reason this isn’t a bigger surprise is because I watched that appearance a couple weeks back. At the time I chalked it up to ‘Oh, first interview back in studio/no crowd’ but it was neither fun nor funny and that was the first time I’d seen him be neither of those things.

I’m glad he’s getting help. 

Dec 21

I watched some of the outtakes of that interview and I was a little like “...I hope John is okay.” 

Dec 9

Joss Whedon’s Justice League: Rigged Very Badly

Dec 1

I’m just assuming she’s trolling the Academy and seeing just how bad a movie she can get some nominations through her mere presence. 

Nov 23

At the very least, I hope this episode sent people to dig up Billy Joel’s music video of UPTOWN GIRL. It’s the most fun, 80s thing you will ever see with Joel strutting and dancing like the lead in a regional theater production of GREASE and Christie Brinkley looking impossibly beautiful and sassy, a projection I

Nov 20

That’s always what I don’t understand. Even if you think the reaction is overblown and your critics are really crybaby idiots, how could you not see that saying “I think the reaction is overblown and my critics are crybaby idiots” is not the move here? This happens every time and people always just step on the rake Read more

Nov 20

“When Will My Life Begin” is on my daughter’s playlist, and it comes up all the time, and I never get annoyed in the slightest. Great song. Read more

Nov 13

For my money, Meyers’ show has been the most consistently funny over the past four years. He more than any of the others has struck a balance between lampooning this administration and using comedy to drive home just how dire the circumstances are. The format may be old, but it can still be done really well, and I Read more

Nov 13

Nah, it’s a great idea. There’s a pandemic, he’s not touring, and the two have worked well together in the past. It’s not rocket problems.

Nov 6

People shit talk her, but I've always liked Ann Hathaway. She's talented, gorgeous, and from this at least, seems to be a decent person.

Nov 3

The goal . . . was simply to increase the turnout of all voters, any voter, as if another victory for the Republican incumbent would be better than very few people voting at all. Read more

Oct 11

Cleopatra was born in 69 BC (nice) and did not begin her relationship with Caesar until 47 BC, when she would have been 22. So no need to cancel Caesar over that.