ADabOfOppo; Gone Plaid (Instructables Can Be Confusable)
5:28 PM

Trust me in the history of BS manufacturer record attempts at the Ring this doesn’t even rank in the top 10

7:00 PM

My Dad subscribed to Popular Mechanics for years, and I never once saw him even so much as look at the cover of an issue. Myself on the other hand read every one them cover-to-cover. Definitely a big influence in my formative years, even if 99% of their prediction never arrived.

3:23 PM

Your mother didn’t hug you when you were a child, did she?

2:09 PM

In complete agreement that induced demand works hand-in-hand with land use patterns. They cannot be separated and we see it with suburban sprawl around the country. Welcome to the urbanism club, good sir. There’s a keg in the back.

9:17 AM

My guess is that they will leave it 2.4 NA, as least in the standard trim. Subaru spends a lot of effort pushing its brand in motorsports and to have a 2.4 Turbo as standard would disqualify the car from competing in production class stage rally. As of the 2019 ARA rule book, the limits are 2.5L NA and 1.6L turbo for

7:54 PM

Thank god you have your priorities down. Not the abhorrent racism and abuse. But that they didn’t endorse Sanders!  The nerve!  What names shall we call them?

12:25 PM

No, I can only post pictures of five. I actually had a pic of one with the t-tops and back off too, and tried to correct the original double posting, and this happened, so I gave up. What Kinja wants, Kinja gets.

12:07 PM

I think he needs something that can stay fresh, by literally changing to suit the day’s current needs. Sedan, convertible, wagon? The Pulsar NX is all these things, and you will never see another one coming your way. On this budget, you could probably find the one remaining one with less than 50,000 miles and restore

11:01 AM

The next 14 months are going to hurt more than the previous 27. The Democrats should have impeached 9 months ago. They were warned what would happen if they didn’t. This is dereliction of duty.

10:46 PM

Check that, you’re in Detroit. Gotta go as Alex Foley. Levi 501s, cutoff grey sweatshirt and Adidas, or a Lions varsity jacket if you can find one. Alternatively, faded Lions shirt with a black hoodie