ADabOfOppo; Gone Plaid (Instructables Can Be Confusable)

The ES should be available with AWD soon as well, if that is a must-have feature. Read more

The ES 350 is a better car. In every way. Read more

How many F1 championships have you won?  Read more

Careful not to cut yourself with that edge.  Read more

The Atlas feels cheap for how expensive it is. The Tiguan is where it should be. The Atlas feels like a shitty rental car.  Read more

Yup. Every time I sit in an Atlas I am shocked at how cheap it feels. And this is coming from a GTI owner who bought it on the interior quality compared to my other choices (BRZ and Fiesta ST). The Atlas feels like it was made by a US domestic brand; and that is not a compliment.
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I suspect there was a reason Turn10 chose to use the MK4 Jetta as the ‘null car’ when they made Forza Motorsport 4. Read more

So long, and thanks for all the fish. Read more

You get a star and a comment for your superb Brak user pic. Read more

Can we just not with the insipid slide-show BS? Read more

Whatever it is that they have Torch taking clearly isn’t right for you. Read more

Good luck on your future endeavors! Read more

At this point they should just change the name to Formula “No you can’t do that.” Read more

Ferrari should stick to cars. Read more

What I cannot fathom whatsoever is why Bungie doesn’t put previous seasonal content in that store after the season ends; I’m talking specifically stuff from like year 1 or 2. Read more

So they’re *IN* the computer... Read more