Mar 4

They were HOA meetings, but aside from minor variations (the agenda being approved after the previous minutes instead of before, etc), similar enough to be considered the same.

Mar 3

The biggest issue with battery swaps is the potential to get a battery that was more degraded than your original. I recall people saying you would be credited for that sort of situation, but then you have to live with a battery with a lower overall charge capacity until you roll the dice again on your next road trip. 

Feb 25

I mean this from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU so much for not making this a slide show.

Feb 23

Excuse me, but WTF is the problem? They’re married. Jesus didn’t say shit about having an OnlyFans! Being Christian must be hard.

Feb 23

That’s the thing about colors. There should be one for everyone’s tastes! Why isn’t that the case......?

Feb 22

So who will be the first company to have both a grill and a touchpad so big that they meet in the middle of the hood? Read more

Feb 18

I had a similar thing with the speedometer in my high school car, so I had to pace my friends at 35, 55, and 75 and and then put little pieces of tape on the tach so I could track my speed. 

Feb 17

If you’re talking about the animated version, I hate to say that I saw it in the theater as a child. Cruella is one skinny, scary bitch.

Feb 9

Au contraire, mon frère, the two-tone paint is the only good thing about it.

Feb 8

Yep, because I’m sure you look so cool in your Traverse.

Jan 24

What kind of tech have they sold to Kia and Hyundai? These two Korean OEMs make the best products in most classes they compete in...BMW doesn't. 

Jan 21

I’m tremendously-impressed that #1 came from a user with “Tahoe Guy” in his name.

Jan 21

It isn’t that it is not durable (it is), but more that it is porous so it stains easily. Quartz is non-porous. You don’t have to seal it and if you let a drop of beat juice or turmeric sit on it for more than 2 seconds you can still wipe it up without leaving a stain. If you actually use your kitchen, marble and Read more