May 24 2018

Depressingly accurate. Although, they “respect” Coke (American flag), but they’ll fight to the death to preserve their right to Diet Coke (Confederate flag).

May 24 2018

The player will have to be determined to have made a “socially conscious move” while in the action of kneeling.

May 24 2018

The majority of people upset over the “disrespect” shown by not standing for the anthem also proudly fly the Confederate flag next to the Stars and Stripes.... So let’s grade their anger on the idiotic curve it deserves.

May 24 2018

Lemme check my notes: so you have to stand for the anthem out of respect, but it’s cool to mock Vietnam vets for being POWs. Read more

May 24 2018

“For the last time, Mark, the meeting is not at PF Changs!”
“Yeah, I’m at PF Chang’s now. Where are you guys?”
“Fuck it, you abstain.”
“Not from this amazing Chang Sauce, I don’t!”
*Holds up hand for high five*
*Waitress pretends she doesn’t see him*

May 24 2018

Fucking league doesn’t even know what is a vote or not!

May 24 2018

Well, they didn’t remain upright long enough to complete the process of the vote.

May 24 2018

So, on official review, it was determined that it was not a vote.

May 23 2018

I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a Stanley Cup Final. When my team makes it I’m excited but nervous. Now, I’m just giddy, want 7 games of overtime and I genuinely want both teams to win. Read more

May 23 2018

The complaints seem petty. Complaining about women being present and not outlandish cosmetics and infeasible command structures, achievements, objectives, and mechanics? Go play a miniatures wargame that caters to your narrow anachronistic desires.

May 23 2018

Not just several woman either. There were literately hundreds of thousands of woman, and that is just from the US forces alone. I believe the number was over 300K.

I don’t know about all the other forces in the world at the time, but their were woman and black soldiers, so any of the troll and bigots don’t have ground Read more

May 23 2018

Women fought in WW II.

This is established historical fact.

The delicate fee-fees of the armchair historians who’ve never cared to engage with the reality of the war beyond saying “I watched Band of Brothers five times” (and no insult to Band of Brothers; I own the Blu-Ray and DVD editions, it was that good) are not a Read more