Jan 9

I read that as “perverse-engineer” and got excited there might finally be a career path meant for me!

Jan 7

I bought a Nissan Juke when they were new in NA, I still own it, and I like it. It may not be a hot hatch, but lowered a couple inches and with a strut tower brace to mitigate bodyroll and it’s actually a decently-warm hatch. Read more

Dec 4

and do they even make the “if you can read this flip me over” sticker in that size?

Dec 3

the scary thing is for every thousand users like you or me who wouldn’t dare put money in it there’s one user who will put in substantially more money than the rest of us combined. Read more

Nov 27

trying to pair super heroes with looter shooter mechanics was doomed from the start. Except for a mere handful of examples heroes don’t derive their powers from equipment so it makes no damn sense to build a game around a mechanic where you’re supposed to be excited when you loot that new 4 strength 4 stam leather Read more

Nov 20

you find a scrap piece of steel, reverse the electrodes and redeposit that rust onto the scrap piece. troll science.

Nov 17

well let’s do some back-of-the-napkin math, according to a quick google search the average adult expels between 250ml and 400ml of urine per pee. Read more

Nov 16

There’s plenty of upgrade/ascension materials that are not in any way gated by resin. If you’re logging on just to spend resin and do dailies you’re going to regret not spending time collecting those mats. I’m at AR42 and can still play for hours after spending my resin without spending a dime.

Nov 12

I think it’s one of those things where the idea of it is hilarious for a moment between close friends who all together know that it is dumb, immature, and not actually serious, as a “wouldn’t it be funny if...” kind of thing, but to actually implement it is wholly weird and kills the humor in it.

Nov 9

call me crazy but Strange Sunset would best fit in an Outrun soundtrack

Oct 20

I don’t see a price on their website. what’s the retail on them?

Oct 2

wow in this picture Trump isn’t even the same color as Trump. Compare the color of his hands to the color of his face. He really does need to lay off the bronzer

Sep 25

why would you need it to do anything but the thing it was expressly built and designed to do?

Sep 17

does that mean we can play as trans characters in it? That’d be a pretty dope way of giving Rowling the finger without actually doing anything wrong

Sep 3

boneless wings should be dark meat only or if mechanically shaped should include a minimum 50% dark meat in the processing ritual that produces the chicken slurry.