Dec 15

With the wonderful full controller support for that game too.

Dec 7

The “mixed feelings” in the title come off more as overwhelmed ambivalence and fatigue in the article, than like you truly have had a mixed experience with good and bad game elements. Again and again and again you bring up things that seem subjectively good, and then qualify that by saying they left you cold, Read more

Dec 5

Even still, words in language have multiple meanings. When someone is using language in a hurtful way, then absolutely it should be changed. Read more

Nov 27

Even Iron Man doesn’t usually just randomly equip gear he finds strewn about the battlefield lol. Mk 1 armor nonwhitstanding 

Nov 27

This, I’ve been saying this for a while. It’s just stupid to pair superpowers to equipment, I understand it for Iron Man, but the Hulk? Besides, I’m burned out of looter shooters, and this premise would not make me come back. The last straw was the Spider-Man exclusivity, while I do own a PS4, I bought a Series X Read more

Sep 17

Umm that character is in a bodysuit not naked, you know the kind that a huge amount of Mecha shows have. Also this whole game is basically story telling and character development it’s even arranged like a visual novel and has 13 intertwining perspectives that create a larger narrative. Also just because something has Read more

Sep 16

The game is being praised mainly because of its story telling. Not sure we’re you got the impression it doesn’t have a decent narrative. Or did you just assume it was anime schlock because of a few ecchi tropes?

Aug 31

Well that settles it. I’ll never put Continental Tires on my Mitsubishi now.

Aug 25

This comment is a whole lot of whataboutery.

Jul 28

I’ve already mapped out where all the one-lane bridges are just in case.

Jul 22

The good news is you won’t endure the agony of burning to death, because that Buick 3800 will crush your skull from behind after those welds fail.

Jun 4

It’s crazy that you can’t name a class that only you see “Assault” because naughty words or whatever but people can carry on with any racist name they please. 

Oct 29 2019

I am actually loving the new CoD maps and am glad they went away from the three lanes matches. I am, an older gamer, and by older I mean mid thirties. In previous COD game it was impossible for me to keep up with the competition. When it comes to twitch reflexes and speed, I can’t compete with these young kids. Read more

Oct 1 2019

God, if this doesn’t win COTD there is no justice in the world.

Sep 9 2019

Teslas are designed to allow new parts to be swapped in. Computers, Autopilot hardware, batteries, motors, etc. The dream is that you buy the car once and then just upgrade parts as needed. You could keep the same shell of the car for decades.