10:09 PM

I kind of got that feeling too. I wonder if this would have been better phrased as a test for a new model of social services. The “no questions asked” particularly seems encouraging without a need for evaluation by one service that provides housing assistance, another for food assistance, and so on. It avoids stigma, Read more

11:45 AM

Sadly, you could be the most protective rein, the most balanced genji, and the most diligent and dutiful mercy and you’re still gonna get yelled at by trolls who think they could turn pro if only someone would sponsor them... Read more

9:51 AM

There are moments of tongue and cheek-ness, but I’m mostly familiar with moments where they call out hypocrisy Read more

9:49 AM

There’s got to be a cosplayer that has taken advantage of such a photo op right?

7:30 PM

Same, I’m in a major metro area in California and those around me (I’m also in my 30's) apparently have had parental help with their home purchases. It’s very apparent the effect of ageneration of wealth” can have in these cases. And by no means are we talking about dynasty or old money families either, they just hav Read more

2:25 PM

Depending on whether your laptop supports it, there are wonderful options of external gpu enclosure these days. You might consider balancing out your high end pick with the idea that there will be cpu/gpu horsepower to spare at home if you get one. Some are even travel friendly.Assuming the price of the enclosure and Read more

5:51 PM

If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend the documentary I.O.U.S.A.

5:48 PM

I highly recommend the documentary I.O.U.S.A. It’s a little out of date by now, but still breaks down the basics and the allows for a better grasp of things. 

3:06 PM

I too have spent many a hours in the “Van Life” hole of youtube. Stumbled on this series

10:36 AM

I wondered about the same thing. Maybe the rules for selling debt in Canada are a lot different than in the U.S.? Maybe it would have taken too long to make it worth it? I’m seriously curious about the math that someone came up with. 

10:02 PM

I would be very interested in a follow up piece regarding private consultants and firms being hired to take up the slack. My own experience in my nonprofit career has seen this as a common stop gap any time an organization has suddenly been without skilled and experienced personnel. Sometimes those costs were factored Read more

2:54 PM

Among the many things that drove me nuts and still does is that you actually had to hand over your information to Equifax in order to check if your information was made vulnerable by Equifax... Ignoring the part of providing a credit monitoring service that was essentially another part of Equifax as a remedy... you Read more

5:19 PM

Also one of my favorites. Especially when you hear stories like how an early test pilot flying one of the world’s first jets did it in a gorilla suit so people would think they were crazy for seeing a plane flying without a propeller! Read more