Jan 13

What’s the line, something like: “When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

Jan 6

Ray Fisher says he will not work on any film associated with DC Films President Walter Hamada in the wake of WarnerMedia’s investigation into the alleged misconduct on the superhero film set.

Jan 1

Said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’d never get into EVE Online, but reading about it is endlessly fascinating. 

Jun 17

I work on this project. I transcribed a letter from Sarah Moore Grimké to Queen Victoria, imploring Her Majesty to support the cause of abolition in the United States. I also transcribed the petition that was sent to abolitionists as they traveled the country gathering support for legislation in Washington. Read more

Jun 12

Sushi, by law, must be flash frozen before serving it to you, which kills all the parasites. Unless you are catching and eating the fish yourself, don’t worry.

Jun 9

It is infuriating to watch the fanbase continually bitch about features they demanded. Both role queue and hero pools were agitated for and yet less than a year later, they’re “killing the game.” Read more

Jun 8

I strongly disagree. Match quality has never been better since Role Queue was added. And if you disagree, look forward to open queue coming back as a secondary option.

May 7

That is the exact definition of a coercion. They are in a position where you are giving them the choice between life and death. That will not pass with any review board. Read more

May 7

Because prisoners are like other special populations with more rights/protections with research. They arguably are coerced into participation and it isn’t volunteering. 

Apr 25

No worries!   Also, the closely related “misotheism” which is “hatred of God or the gods”...same thing as misogyny but, you know, god.

Apr 24

You’re referring to “dystheism”...basically, the belief that God exists, and he/she/it is a bastard.

Apr 16

kind of makes you wonder what would be cheaper. giving every American a local public post office where they can mail anything to any part of the country or giving every American an advanced computer and a high speed internet connection no matter what part of the country the live in? Read more

Apr 3

The interesting thing about the Cardcaptors dub was how it either completely flew under people’s radars or bowled them over, depending on their particular narrative sensibilities. Cardcaptors was very much your traditional monster-of-the-week episodic series, but unlike the vast majority of localized anime that made Read more

Mar 5

Going to the other end of it, if you could somehow turn the last gear (you can’t, not enough force in the universe even if the machine didn’t explode first) so it was making one turn an hour, the tenth to last gear would be exceeding the speed of light before you even considered the other 90 gears!
Read more

Mar 5

This is a very similar device to Arthur Ganson’s Machine with Concrete, exhibited in the MIT Museum for over a decade:

Jan 28

I came here expecting this and left disappointed... So I guess I had to do it