Yesterday 3:40PM

That pops out to be used for whaling.  All the kids are doing it now.

Yesterday 2:37PM

Larger footprint (wheelbase * width) means a better CAFE score. So, ironically, as fuel economy requirements increase, vehicle size will increase. Read more

Yesterday 10:14AM

Plausible, except he was a convicted felon, and thus couldn’t legally own the gun in the first place.

Tuesday 8:01PM

Canned asparagus and peas are vile. Canned green beans only have one place, in a pickled bean salad.

Tuesday 2:15PM

You can take a shit in anything if you don’t care enough

Tuesday 10:51AM

Diner coffee is an adventure. No two cups ever taste the same but no matter, it always tastes like a road trip with a paper map spread out on the table. Your server has lived within 5 miles of the diner all his/her (usually her) life. She knows “you’re not from around here”. The guy sitting at the countertop with his Read more

Tuesday 9:22AM

Only 770lbs on the bed? Where will the average ‘merican’s spouse sleep then?

Tuesday 8:47AM

The Neanderthal actually looks like a real person. Greene just looks like someone stuck a nose and drew eyes and a mouth on a potato.

Monday 11:37AM

The miners are well within their rights to picket their shitty employer. But even if they weren’t, it’s still illegal for the trucks to run people over.  You don’t have the right to maim people because they’re in your way.

Monday 10:43AM

or spike strips :)

Once again, I am wondering how our country has moved so far to vilify workers looking for....checks notes...good pay and working conditions?! Who is against good pay and working conditions?! Do they hate ice cream and puppies too?!

Sunday 12:38PM

Truth.  And up here (Chicago), the bigger the truck, the greater the likelihood that they’re covered in tRump stickers and waving a Confederate flag from the trailer hitch.

Friday 7:49PM

Hey Jason, if you still need a name for your new social media platform, may I suggest “OnlyThumbs”?

6/10/21 8:59AM

“You can do it too.” Shut the fuck up, bootlicker. The myth of the “self-made man” has been debunked a thousand times. Read more of these “books” you pretend to be so interested in.

6/09/21 5:46PM

We should be rioting in the streets. We should be setting fire to luxury condo towers. We should be killing the rich. The fact that we’re just sitting here after being given proof that the rich do not pay taxes is the biggest sign yet that this republic and society are doomed.