12:48 PM

Funny how Trump’s supporters know to invoke him when doing some racist and homophobic shit, but then pretend that Trump isn’t either of those.

12:24 PM

Can we get Savannah Guthrie to interview the two assailants to get their side of the story? I am certain that economic anxiety led to his and she can paint them as the true victims in this story. Yes people this is what happens when you allow white victimization to become normalized. Find these two and drop them in Read more

2:39 PM

Yeah, not a fan of this here. It just feels like since she’s the name of the franchise, they felt they HAD to make her a heroic character. 

2:20 PM

But as well as asking the question we all want it to ask—where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, naturally—it asks another, too. Who in the world is she? Read more

2:18 PM

Eh...I like her as the sort of gentleman thief model, who steals insanely valuable things from people who don’t need them, and just does it for the thrill. Making her a hero is...I mean, at that point, you could just create a brand new character, maybe even someone who stands in direct opposition with her. Read more

10:57 AM

I hope these rumours of JW only doing 2 seasons of Who are false. I still think she has great potential to be a fabulous Doctor. I have mostly enjoyed the current series despite the varying script quality. Graham is a great companion and his dynamic with the Doctor is refreshing. Read more

9:54 PM

You hit on something I’ve been waiting for since the season started. It’s bugging me that it is taking so long for the Doctor to figure out who she is and get the message across to those who question her. She’s asking all the aliens who they are and where they are from, but never seems to give a similar response. Read more

12:41 PM

I feel like we’re all restraining ourselves a bit too much. Holding back our criticism because of our love for Doctor Who and enthusiasm for the new cast. But, when that Cabbage Patch Kid alien showed up, I finally admitted it to myself — series 11 of Doctor Who sucks. The worst of it is, we have all the ingredients

11:50 PM

But that makes no sense. If he’s an alien, what does he care (or know) about “races”...? And if he’s a human from the far future, not only would racism be kind of tough once everyone is the same color, but why would a future inhabitant presumably by-then-accurately-schooled-in-genetics believe in “races” anyway?

10:47 PM

I get it. The nice thing here is we can mostly have a polite disagreement and not offer up hate speech, which in today’s world is kinda of an achievement. Just don’t misspell Jodie’s name, cause when I did... wow did I get nailed for it. It was like the day on Twitter when I stepped on a Bieber-mine. LOL

10:38 PM

Yes they teach it in school, its the class right before the class about White guilt and White Privilege. I just do not see or have the same feeling for these first three episodes like I did with the previous 3 doctors. My dislike for the new Who has nothing to do with Race, Gender, or any other trivial human obsessions Read more

12:26 PM

Sorry...I will rail against this....if they are college age they grew up in homes that likely had all this stuff.  Minimum time capsule age should be legislated at 100 years or don’t waste our time.

3:39 PM

I can’t help thinking that a bit of dramatic music wouldn’t hurt. After all seeing Ten running to the most dramatic score imaginable was just pure joy. Murrey Gold’s music really was at its best during RTD’s era.

2:58 PM

“everyone is talking about the welcome relief of bottle episodes and keeping the show grounded, instead of having everything be a mystery box” Read more

2:44 PM

I’m not going to comment on your cultural assessment of the results of criticism — but I do agree that the new Doctor is much, MUCH better than the two scripts she’s been given thus far.

10:37 AM

It has been my great fear since the first trailer that Jodie would be the only thing that I like about the show and it certainly feels that way. Read more

9:42 AM

I mean, if the director is posting it on social media, I don’t know if you can really consider it a spoiler. It’s part of the movie’s promotion that is mean to get out. It’s like saying tag spoilers for the movie trailer.