Mar 21 2017

I know that this is horrible, especially as somebody who has been sexually assaulted, but at this point wouldn’t it be easier for her to just record an album of stuff to get out? I know they are dated examples but Tori Amos did a complete albums of covers to fill her last contracted album with a company she was over Read more

Mar 20 2017

Proofreader Man to the rescue! (sorry, it’s late and I’m procrastinating at work)

Mar 18 2017

Video, as requested.* 

Remember parents, when you’re performing reckless hoonage, ensure your children are properly restrained and appropriately booster-seated.

Mar 18 2017

To be clear, the Anova doesn’t chill the water itself. You have to have water that’s already cold, or add ice cubes for this to work. You’re just turning down the thermostat on the Anova so the heating element doesn’t kick on and heat up the water. Read more

Mar 16 2017

....... This is going to cause people to not use it.

Mar 14 2017

I really miss megaupload. I mean it was the perfect website for file sharing. I used it all the time while in high school to pass work I did between my home and school computers when thumb drives were friggen pricey, especially to someone who didnt have a job yet. There were tons of legitimate useage for.
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Mar 13 2017

Well I see that after posting an article about an S2000 trying one-up them, the Mustang-asshats waste no time asserting their dominance at the top of the pile.

Mar 13 2017

I have a rented Mustang Ecooost for the week. It’s tradition for me to do a burnout in my rental and record it, but maybe this year I’ll just park it and slowly. Back. Away...

Mar 8 2017

Not the same car, unless they removed the sunroof too and re-skinned the roof.

Mar 6 2017

I’m just gonna say it, as an owner of a volkswagen: So, it’s an Audi A7 with all the costs associated with owning an Audi A7 (because it probably shares more than 60% of it’s parts with the A7) including traditionally high German repair and service costs, But without any of the cool associated with owning an Audi.

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