Apr 11

Great story, thanks Andrew! The Countach has always been my favorite styling wise simply because it had and still has that “wow” factor visually. To hear you can own and drive one keeps my own (unlikely) dreams alive.

Apr 5

I built a small diorama out of a shadow box from Ikea. I’d get a better picture but it’s locked up in my office right now. Printed the base from a road image found online, and used some model railroad shrubberies glued to the base. Cars are attached with piano wire around the axles through the back cover.

Jan 18

Preston Thomas Tucker was my idol, so much so that I wrote a thesis paper in college in which I compared the Hollywood version of his life ( The movie: Read more

Jun 16 2019

We had one of these in the 80s. Ours didn’t have the vinyl top, though. It was his 2nd Cutlass Supreme.

May 17 2019

it’s like the sequel to filming an entire concert on your phone/GoPro instead of just enjoying it yourself.

Aug 23 2018

It seems odd to choose your custom Viper color from the Intrepid order sheet, but I don’t hate it. I’ve seen cheaper Vipers. I’ve also seen why those Vipers were cheaper. This one looks good, and $30k is around the bottom for nice ones. Nice Price.

Jul 21 2018

Merg, this was one of the best running gags on Jalop ever. Thanks for the good times. #respect 

Jun 12 2018

I can’t even wrap my head around why people want to have one child. And I have two of them!