Dec 17 2016

My usual Craigslist perusing brought this to my attention. I’m inclined to call NP based on matching rc car alone.

Jul 21 2016
What have I done?

Oh god... what have I done? Yesterday afternoon when I saw this I thought ‘I’ve always wanted to do a Lemons race,

Jun 3 2016
WTF is this thing?

Cruising through town last night and saw this, had to go around the block to get a picture. Even my five year old

Dec 18 2015
So hot right now

Caught this bad beast burnin’ up the streets of West Michigan a couple weeks back. I’m glad he acknowledged that it

Oct 2 2015
1997 Mazderati

Not the funniest CList post I have seen but pretty damn good; worth sharing for sure.

Aug 13 2015
1993 RX-7

I posted a comment on the FD article about 2 weeks ago about the guy I work with who’s ‘93 RX7 has been parked in

Jun 2 2015
Focus ST Replacement

I sold my 2013 FoST last week and picked up this bad lad. It is hard to get used to an automatic again but no car

Apr 20 2015
Focus ST - NPOCP

Someone should buy this car, its a great deal. I am know the owner, it is a well maintained vehicle.

Mar 30 2015
Jag Ass

So you and three of your buddies can dragon it at the same time.

Dec 16 2014
What Should I do?

I posted a couple weeks ago about what SUV should I get to replace my wife's 2005 Honda Pilot which had

Dec 1 2014
Need a New SUV

So we just had our second child two weeks ago and already the Honda Pilot is kind of a pain. With car seats on

Sep 30 2014
Toyota Corolln'

They might drive a Corolla but at least they have a sense of humor about it.