Zach Scott
4/09/18 12:04PM

Is there any way for people who no longer have active Facebook accounts to check? I’m guessing not.

3/14/18 4:22PM

I’m not sure if it’s so much about humanity getting out of its own way so much as humanity trying to alter the path it’s always been on

3/10/18 4:36PM

I hate to But Actually... the criticism of the music, especially because it is bad, but it’s not accurate to say it sounds like “someone at the mixing board randomly turning dials up and down”. It’s pretty clearly inspired by classical music, which has been full of sudden shifts in dynamic and tempo for hundreds of Read more

3/03/18 11:51PM

Then there’s streaming from a Mac, which is definitely possible but a ridiculous pain in the ass (especially as it comes to audio).

2/01/18 5:53PM

I gave GTA online a shot for about two weeks and its supposed charms never became apparent. One easy-to-fix but glaring issue is that you can’t mute other players on voice chat. I lost count of how many sessions were ruined by someone with a terrible microphone that is somehow always on, distorted, and playing barely Read more

1/31/18 1:44AM

Weeks later, I revive this hopping thread to say #releasetheleveleditor RE: the conversation around 40:00 in

1/05/18 12:52PM

Concept art that also reveals an obsession with thigh gap that has gone way too far and threatens to defy the laws of physics.  

12/15/17 7:55PM

Let’s cut to the chase - how do I get the voice of Tim Rogers on my GPS? Videogames forever. Tim

12/04/17 4:12PM

I’m reminded of the classic caption that works with any New Yorker cartoon: “Christ, what an asshole”

11/20/17 4:15PM

Cool, a game featuring the “nice perky breasts” of a “young looking teen”, along with options to buy a slave (3 of which are teens, of course), all in the same screenshot. Why is Kotaku giving publicity to this game?

11/07/17 11:57PM

Oh great, this means videogames will be full of excellent voice acting again (loooooool)

11/03/17 4:15PM

1) I skeptically downloaded this a few days ago and haven’t missed a round since.
2) I know this comment won’t get approved because it’s critical of the game, and plus it’s been over 10 minutes since the article was published.
3) There is something unmistakably dystopian about the concept and implementation of this Read more

11/01/17 6:29PM

Tim, do you know about Ulillillia and his obsession with Bubsy 3D?

10/11/17 1:36PM

Uh, there’s still our (much better) women’s team to cheer on.

10/06/17 3:43PM

This is my favorite Tim Rogers video that I’ve seen.

On average, approximately 8.4% of my attempts to comment on Kotaku are ever approved and visible to the public, not because they violate any sort of rule or are offensive, but because they were posted more than 15 minutes after the article was originally published Read more

9/12/17 5:34PM

Fans of The Room - watch this show. Trust me (internet person you don’t know).