Zach Scott
3/14/18 11:48AM

There’s a working theory that the current point in our history represents a sociological hurdle for cultures to jump over - that a species has to make a conscious effort to keep from destroying itself with nuclear weapons, environmental destruction, artificial intelligence, automated warfare, etc. before it’s able to Read more

11/30/17 3:50PM

You and your videos are absolute dreams and I wish the Youtube channel would put everything you’ve voiced/written/produced into a playlist so I can watch it all at once. Great job!

11/20/17 4:18PM

Because here we are, we clicked. With any luck they will have created todays controversial click-fest of an article.

11/20/17 3:24PM

Oh nice, a game about torture, slave management, and sexual abuse. All of this being practiced against, women, I’m guessing? Let’s all treat it like “another sex game” and move on, right? ‘Cause you know, maybe “it’s your kink” right?

11/20/17 3:19PM

The game plays out like a sex slave management sim, and it’s not half-bad on that front