Mar 21 2018

I think its a bit like war with Eurasia. Whoever is the current showrunner is the worst person ever, destroying the show, worse than Hitler. Their predecessor’s crimes are all forgotten and now their era was an amazing wonderland of perfection. Their potential successor is the one who will finally make Doctor Who into Read more

Sep 14 2016

Man, seeing this and Aliens in the theater was an absolute joy. I can’t wait to watch this video over my lunch break.

Jul 17 2016

The Fox fanfare, and then - as importantly - the pause just before the score kicks in.

Jul 17 2016

I still haven’t got used to the missing 20th Century Fox opening fanfare. To me that’s as much as part of the opening score as the Overture.

Jul 17 2016

I’m still getting used to not having the 20th Century Fox opening before Force Awakens.

Jan 28 2016

I feel like the right things to happen for Doctor Who would be for Capaldi to go to Chibnall and say he understands if the new showrunner wants to start fresh with a new Doctor, and for Chibnall to laugh in Capaldi’s face and offer him a five season extension.

Nov 8 2015

So long as the Osgood are dedicated to the peace, does it matter?

Nov 4 2015

Well, everyone but the US is getting a new Trek TV show. We’re getting a tv episode and then the rest is behind a paywall online (with ads). What I would like to see is that CBS realizes this bullshit, and the US gets to have the new Trek as a tv show as well.

Nov 4 2015

“Hello, HTS? Yes, I’m wondering where MY action figure is? You’ve already done several Fury, and just released Coulson and Maria Hill, and now Mockingbird is coming. Oh, Malinda May says she better get one soon, too, or she’ll pay you a ‘friendly visit’....”

Nov 4 2015

Hey man, Anders is way better than Will. Will couldn’t pilot a Battlestar WITH HIS MIND.

Nov 4 2015

Niche. Sure. Guinness World Record for largest simulcast that was shown in 94 countries. One of the few BBC shows shown same day in North America. But sure, we’ll call it niche. Read more

Oct 11 2015

Could be worse. At least for them it’s over. Donna had the cruelest fate of all.

Oct 11 2015

Dude, how often do you feel like the central characters of any TV show or film are actually in genuine mortal peril? Because 99.9% of the time, the answer should be “never.” Even the vaunted George R. R. Martin, supposedly hailed for his willingness to kill main characters, won’t touch most of the remaining cast of Read more

Oct 3 2015

As much as I love RDA, his absence is not why the Stargate reboot is gonna fail. The reboot is gonna fail because it is trying to be a sequel to a movie people only remember because of the tv-series spun out of it, which are gonna be ignored. The target audience for the reboot is “people who loved the original movie Read more

Sep 28 2015

It has its issues, and there are too many liberties taken, but it is about as good an adaptation of watchman as we could ever get, especially the super extended edition. The opening sequence, heavy handed as it could be at times, is still 8 kinds of brilliant and gets across a fuckton of worldbuilding and backstory

Sep 28 2015

Personally, I felt this was pretty spot on. While i still don’t think Michael Cera was the best Scott, everyone else were basically the comic characters come to life.

Sep 28 2015

In genre, Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. And yes, I’m saying this even though it took considerable liberties with Diana Wynne Jones’ wonderful novel, because it nailed the book’s glorious melancholy. Hard. Also extra points because both Miyazaki and Wynne Jones respect genuinely strong (but complex) women,