Mar 18

The Invasion was quite enjoyable, and switched back and forth between animated and live action episodes.

Aug 13 2019

Despite attempts in the media to normalize it with TV shows and such using the word in the title, the word “Gypsy” is comparable to people of the Romani Traveler community. Hell, my wife is having an argument with someone who used the “G-word” in an online post as I type this. She’s of the opinion, “when the Nazis Read more

Jul 27 2019

I feel disappointed that the Monopoly doesn’t have a two sided board, one with only locations from our world and the other with the corresponding locations in the Upsidedown...

Dec 14 2018

I try not to get my knickers in too much of a twist when the average member of the public makes this mistake, as these two series are obviously heavily inspired by anime and share many elements... But that IO9 would make that mistake? Y’all should know better. Read more

I try not to get my knickers in too much of a twist when the average member of the public makes this mistake, as

Oct 27 2018

The Holocaust actually wasn’t just about the Jews... But I doubt the current White House would have anything nice to say about Romani, either...

Dec 2 2017

Holy crap. Redbox is buying up all the stock at Walmart, Target, and such on the day of release? No wonder in the past few years, the stores are always empty even if I am there on the Tuesday of release. This pisses me off more than anything else in this article. Read more

Jun 2 2017

Apparently, Majel Barret lobbied the producers hard to film an episode based on this book, alas to no avail. Pity, as it would have been epic! Read more

Sep 16 2016

The video linked to in this article has been taken down by Fox, it seems... but I managed to find it elsewhere online, and you know what? I liked it! It was a nice way to pay homage to the Usherette in the original stage version, but also had a not to the '75 film with the close-up of her lips at the end. I'm still Read more

Sep 14 2016

We must love change! Why else would we not have gotten rid of the penny, yet?

Aug 3 2016

I wish that the artist made print quality versions of these available sized to fit into DVD or Blu-ray sleves. It would be awesome to be able to print some of these out and slip them into the cases of some of the movies I own. It would be especially fun on movies with slipcases. I always thought it a bit oring that Read more

Jul 3 2016

But at least AOS has some Asian actresses in lead roles. :P

May 28 2016

If Dirk Maggs wasn’t involved, I’d be more worried. But he did right with the last three radio series, including fixing the problems with Adams’ own Mostly Harmless. I’ll give him a chance to fix the (much more numerous) issues with And Another Thing... I just hope that it somehow ties in well with Maggs’ revised Read more

Jan 23 2016

I remember when RTD’s departure was announced. It felt like everyone was so ready for him to go! And everyone was super enthusiastic about Moffat! Then, one year later, suddenly Moffat was the worst thing ever and everyone was reminiscing about the glorious good old days of RTD. (I may be exaggerating things a bit, Read more

Dec 30 2015

Pretty sure Coulson will figure it out, since he had a hand in killing Ward...

Dec 24 2015

No, Peter! Don't go! I'd love for you to take a crack at Tom Baker's record!

Dec 22 2015

THANK YOU. I was coming into the comments mainly to see if anyone pointed this out, and if not was going to do so myself. Read more