XKSteeda - GoJJ48
10:35 AM

Really? You think someone would look at this chart and think "Well I was going to buy the $35K Ford Focus Electric, but that cost ~$4650 per mile of range. Now I'm going to buy the $80K Tesla Model S because that only cost $3000 per mile of range." Read more

10:35 AM

When we wrote about it a few years ago we didn't exactly "review" it. Sadly, none of us are president and none of us were invited in to drive it. However, we've been able to see it in use and we haven't been impressed. What seemed like a good idea is actually a bad idea. Read more

12:25 PM

I'd just like to point out that IOS users have been able to do this for years using Microsoft's Photosynth software.. So we haven't really been deprived of anything but the Google name.