XKSteeda - GoJJ48
5:20 PM

I got the Internet Plus Comcast deal for much cheaper. For $44 a month I have digital cable channels, probably 12 are HD, mid-tier internet speed, and HBO. I asked when the price would go back up, they said it wasn't a promotion and my jaw dropped. If I just had the same internet, it would have cost $66/mo.

4:41 PM

I knew the SSC cars were British and a lot of British cars were record holders. I was just surprised that with all of the record holders, no one chose to make a run anywhere at all in the UK. I have loved the Thurst SSC since I got a cutaway book of speed as a child, so no worries about me disrespecting the Read more

12:26 PM

So the British still hadn't broken 300 mph by 2006? Someone could have just taken a top fuel dragster over there and done it on a short runway.

5:56 PM

No way. BUT... the company probably had plenty of other reasons to fire him if this is what did him in.

3:23 PM

I think the idea is that you shouldn't shoot them in between other cars. It's so hard to get a good shot when other cars block some of the best angles. Some of the worst shots come out of car shows.

12:01 PM

You're hired! Get to New York ASAP so you can join in on the film festival. No time to waste!

3:14 PM

The difference is that they're racing harder using slingshot or team drafting. That adds to the sport. To take a dive takes away from the sport and the week to week competition. Wouldn't you feel shorted as a fan if the race you spent a couple hundred dollars to go to was "rigged" by a team?

11:39 AM

The passenger was clearly leaning left of the rider, which stood them up and didn't allow them to turn. I think you should properly threaten the passenger before they get on that the consequences of being a bad passenger are pretty dire.

12:27 PM

My dad's first car was a 74 Opel manta Rallye. It was gorgeous according to the pictures. Some drunk smashed into it and several other cars in a parking lot after he had it a few years.