7/21/15 6:31PM

As a Georgian, Stalin was very much not white, at least by Russian standards. I’m half Scots-Irish, half Greek, with olive skin but rosy cheeks—a pretty typical look in the Rust Belt or the Northeast, where Italians, Irish, and Slavs intermarry pretty freely nowadays. In the former Soviet republic from which my wife Read more

7/21/15 5:52PM

Why does there need to be a prescription? Not every problem can be solved, and not everyone writing about the problem has to be capable of providing an answer.

11/30/14 2:06PM

According to a number of eyewitnesses he did. Only one person who was there said he didn't, and that was the guy who murdered him.

9/13/14 11:18AM

I read your voice as Mordin from Mass Effect. It made me happy.

8/31/14 3:15PM

You see little Johnny, sometimes a man loves a woman, but sometimes a man loves a man. And sometimes a man disproportionately worships a coach and everything he does even if he's never done anything without Tom Brady, and is willing to purchase that coach's refuse because of its mere association with him, despite Read more

8/30/14 12:13PM

I can't really fault the Golf Channel for this. Live broadcasts are a real pressure-cooker.

8/28/14 9:17PM

Honestly, I just feel bad for these people. Think about it - he must be really used to getting the shit kicked out of him.

8/28/14 9:04PM

The back of it says, "The only black things that I like are t-shirts."

8/27/14 9:44PM

It could be that I'm a naive cracker here, but in Australia we've found the best way to ease ethnic tension has been food.
You get enough of your ethnicity's restaurants happening and people have no problem with you.