Aug 16

As a motorcyclist, this terrifies me. I could end up dead on the side of a highway, crushed under the wreckage of my bike because some moronic piece of human garbage decided that his Pokemon Go raid was more important than watching what was happening outside his 4-5 000 pounds hunk of metal flying at 70 mph.

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Dec 5 2018


I’m SO in !!

Nov 29 2018

I’ve started Farming Simulator ‘17 recently, and I’ve come to the realization that this is basically Harvest Moon without the cute social interactions.

Add some kind of storyline to this game and it would scratch my HS itch VERY BADLY.

Nov 15 2018

I mean, the big 3 offer more OEM crate engines than anyone else... Maybe not for a GNX, but you can get a brand new small block for anything made since 1960-ish from GM, a 340 or a Hemi for Mopars or a Ford 302 by mail at this point.

May 1 2018

I’m doing community goals with friends, works well enough for now.

I also have a very profitable slave trade run... that counts as ‘’passenger transport’’ right ?

May 1 2018

Actually buying the Cutter is only half the job, though; properly equipping it for anything else than Cargo duty can easily double the ship’s initial price...

May 1 2018

Empire ships are just the best.

Can’t wait for the next Update so we can form guilds and start saving up for a Majestic !!

May 1 2018


300+ hours into this game, and I finally managed to get myself a Cutter without doing those grind Delivery mission.

I am very proud of myself for sticking to it AND not resorting to -what, in my mind- amounts to cheating.

Apr 7 2018

Might I recommend starting on an isolated corner of the map for your first playthrough? It helps fend off attackers and limits your expansion options, which can help make the long game possibilities less overwhelming.

Something like Ireland is great! Read more

Mar 27 2018

Not buying this beast when I had the chance.

Mar 21 2018

For some reason I saw Detroit: Become Batman.

I was really excited to see how The Dark Knight would solve rampant car thefts and crumbling infrastructure !

Mar 7 2018

So Rimac made a new car... did they actually sold the first one ? Like, produced and sold a single one to a real customer who can legally drive it on the street ?

Dec 20 2017

I want to like this, I really really do.

But Bioware’s track record has been...spotty lately.

Dec 10 2017

I’m having the time of my life with this funky little hatchback. It has no power, but that simply means you have to floor it all the time. It’s nimble, and it will powerslide if you flick it into a loose surface corner fast enough.

Only thing I don’t like is on the road... it’s so small I always get blinded by pickup Read more

Dec 9 2017

I bought a 1990 Subaru Justy.

I did my part.

Did you?

Jul 10 2017

Wow, two years later and that question might be answered.

Source, maybe? I can’t find anything off the internet about Jubilee’s car.