Sep 7 2019

Owner did work themselves not factoring in their own labor costs, overhead, equipment costs, tools, and also did not sell parts to himself for a profit. Oh yeah, and no worker’s comp, insurance, or other things required to run a business does job for far less. Read more

Aug 23 2019

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who get the Wankel, and those who don’t.

Aug 23 2019

I’ve owned one. Drove it 78,000 miles. Never had a problem. I kept up on oil changes and fills, pre-mixed, warmed it up properly every time I drove it, took it to redline every time I drive it (critical for Wankel health), and let it cool properly before shutting it off every time. I’ve owned four Mazda rotaries in Read more

Apr 5 2019

Honestly? I didn’t really care for it until I saw the rear fascia. This is still my favorite 911, though:

Jan 31 2019

I never had heated seats until late ‘07, I thought, insanely, they were just silly. Now I would never have a car without them, along with the greatest thing to ever appear on a car, a heated steering wheel. When I got into my car just over an hour ago to come to work, it was about -10F and inside it was a lovely 71F Read more

Dec 13 2018

I want IO Interactive to hire you.

Dec 13 2018

I have one rule when playing Hitman games - it can’t look like an assassination. Read more

Nov 29 2018

If you’ve not already done so (and have a 3DS or can run Citra on your PC) - you should give Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns a spin as it’s the most recent entry in the series and has generally favorable reviews. Read more

Nov 29 2018

Thankfully, I learned how to grow crops and tend to livestock from a relatively early age... Read more

Nov 5 2018

With all the talk about the level of detail going in to this game, and the title image above, I do have a question:

How does the ammo system work? Is it the standard pistol/rifle/shotgun ammo that gets sorted by weapon class? Do they delve a little bit deeper and separate by caliber, like CoD?

I’m asking because the Read more

May 2 2018

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by. Read more

May 1 2018

Nice dude. I’m one rank away from a Cutter. I just finished moving yesterday and I’m hoping to get my Vive unpacked this week and get back to it.

May 1 2018

Best looking ships in the game imo

Apr 30 2018

In ED you have to set goals for yourself because the game wont give you one. Read more

Mar 30 2018

An alternate perspective in the interest of sanity:
Read more

Mar 7 2018

Yes, they sold eight of them, as they originally planned. Read more

Feb 14 2018

I was anti-bumper sticker before, but now, hmm....I think I may just have to get this one custom made.

Dec 18 2017

“Somehow, a new player-created holiday became a story about conflict, betrayal and the disappearance of an entire civilization.”

So, they invented Thanksgiving?

Dec 16 2017

The plotting itself in Act 2 was pointless. What Rian Johnson was trying to do (I’m not sure I totally agree with his decisions) was take the usual harebrained Star Wars convoluted Hail Mary hero plan and make it fail. And fail spectacularly. Read more

Dec 10 2017

I had one of those for a brief period. Funny little car. It would “burn out”very nicely on gravel in 4WD spraying gravel everywhere