Jul 7 2016

And now you know how women have felt for decades when they play video games.

Jan 25 2016

I feel for her and while I’m glad she got her daughter back, the state and the hospital were doing their job, which was to protect the child. I’m a pediatrician and see many parents who, to be completely honest, shouldn’t be taking care of their children without help. I’m not saying everyone with some developmental Read more

Dec 17 2015

Oh man I am going to copy that card exactly. Except I will be wearing a bikini covered in blood and laughing maniacally at the sky. You know, normal holiday shit.

Dec 16 2015

Man in hetero relationship here; I do our wrapping. But I take the point about team work and capitalizing on what each of you are good at. That one is a good point.

Dec 16 2015

“In spite of these recent developments ...we are grateful for the contributions Det. Abbott made during his time with Manassas City Police...”

Dec 16 2015

Your attitudes toward gender roles are super healthy and not at all misogynistic.

Dec 15 2015

If we’re honest though, Hermione was the real hero. Yeah, she didn’t have a scar that constantly hurt and didn’t do as much physical battle, but she figured shit out and got shit done.

Dec 14 2015

I hate that damn elf and I’m so glad it wasn’t a thing when my kids were little because it is creepy. Read more

Dec 7 2015

I think i’d be happier with his aging if he cut or at least washed his hair. and stopped it with those stupid earrings. it’s like he’s aging into steven tyler.

Dec 3 2015

This makes me want to play again lol. The music in the game is so good.

Dec 1 2015

Wow, there is some A+ primo body-shaming going on in the comments section. Sarcastic bravo for that! I was actually just thinking that, although I don’t watch the show much any more, I appreciate that both the leads have more average bodies than your typical Hollywood show.