Sep 24

Gonna suggest that Warlock isn’t the name of a sword but is- in fact- Warlock. Read more

Sep 18

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a holocaust cloak...

Sep 8

Yeah, they’ve been rumbling about doing this for a while. I suspect they were waiting for Trump to commit to promising a vaccine before Election Day, like he did yesterday, in order to step up and say they wouldn’t be offering anything that didn’t pass That criteria.

Aug 28

Besides, I think they already tried this. It was called The Lone Gunmen.

Aug 28

Mmm no I don’t like it. First, Chris Carter is involved.

Second, TVline says Read more

Aug 10

Counter: If it stars Jared Leto, should I care?

Jul 30

Well hells bells looks like I am buying this movie again for the 4th or 5th time. 

Jun 26

It would have been very easy for them to make Kite Man a jerk to make the Harley/Ivy ship possible. Glad they didn’t go that route.

Jun 23

So, first of all, super excited to see slideshows making a comeback.* Read more

Jun 17

I have REALLY missed this show.

Jun 16

They also did mounted combat with swords. It wasn’t all jousts from horseback. Medieval knights are kind of a specialist subject. Read more

Jun 16

On a Pegasus, you can simply fly underneath your enemy’s mount, raise your weapon and either stab it through the gut (foil or epee) or disembowel it with a sweep of your saber. It’s not very sportsman-like, but then again, nether was a cavalry charge, were mounted riders would use their sabers to try and decapitate

Jun 16

James is wrong. Thank you for coming to my TEA-Talk.

Jun 15

There isn’t a fencing weapon with enough reach to allow you to hit anything except the mount you’re riding.  Read more

Jun 15

Of the martial skills, fencing seems like one of the least useful ones to have if your primary mode of combat is in a winged equestrian cavalry. Even a cavalry saber would be rendered more or less useless since it’d be blocked by the wings. Read more

May 6

I seriously would have laughed my ass off if this post had been empty.