Apparently, someone with a brain took control of the link and it now has been updated to look more like job application and less like an online magazine subscription.  Read more


I personally blame Jeff Hardy. Read more

I do like this outside-the-wine-box thinking. Read more

Glad to see someone got a ahold of Bartolo Colon’s childhood home movies. Read more

So I guess him and Riley Cooper will fight any N word there. Read more

Somewhere, John Smoltz just threw away his Hall Of Fame ring. Read more

Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp... That stings just typing it. Read more

The better question: Is this a dress or window drapes? Read more

One sentence: "How big are your foot-long subs?" Read more

This is missing some "Your momma" snaps to really make it a legit fight. Read more

I'd like to dig into his timeline. Except he blocked me. Which was probably valid. But it still made my day. Read more

He's an InfoWars conspiracy theorist nut. That's where he got it from. Read more

Enjoy your show. Enjoy your life... Read more

So to summarize his point- Science too complicated for simple football goof. Creationism much easier. Read more