Oct 7 2019

I will be disappointed if we do not get sufficient headlines about a Zion Slam Dance Party.

Oct 7 2019

I fully expect multiple Deadspin headlines this year that feature some combination of the words “Zion” “slam” and “to hell.” Read more

Oct 1 2019

This was the first time in a really long time I was sad to see the season end, and right now at 5:42 on a warm Tuesday night, it’s sinking in that there won’t be baseball played in Queens for 6 long months. The last decade or so of Mets baseball has been a mixed bag of emotions. They had the completely unexpected run Read more

Sep 5 2019

She knows only that she is a cog in the eternal machine of the universe. No more. No less.

Aug 5 2019

That’s awesome. All the times he drove him to travel baseball or took off early from work, or travelled to podunk to see him playing in the minors and then to get to see that? Fucking incredible. Read more

Jan 22 2016

Well, it should be no surprise considering all the wide-open uncontested looks they get. It’s not like they’ll draw a charge or anything.

Jan 8 2016

Can you hear the people sing
Singing the songs of angry fans
Who are pissed to know the Cleveland Browns
Have failed them once again

Aug 1 2015

I propose the creation of the Endy Chavez hall of fame. In it, you’d find Johan Santana, Mookie Wilson, Kirk Nieuwenheis, Wilmer Flores, and a few others.