Nov 1

What’s it like being the most qualified sports writer employed by your overlords?

Oct 1 2019

Also, I hate being THAT GUY, but the Athletic story you reference is credited to Tim Britton. Carig wrote a different (also good) piece.

Oct 1 2019

I was at that game, hanging out with some momentary friends down by Shea Bridge. I think we all had the same “No way Smith does this...but, what if he did though?” conversation with ourselves, moments before being reduced to screaming as though the Mets had won something more than their 86th game of the season. Read more

Aug 5 2019

Hitting a home run off deGrom is impressive. I hope this kid winds up on a Major League club soon!

Nov 11 2018

I mean, baseball and basketball are extremely apples and oranges, but as a Mets/Sixers fan, yeah this feels familiar.

Jul 8 2016

I’ve found the fans with the most animosity and vitriol for him are the ones damning him for sins he hasn’t committed yet (i.e. signing with the Yankees in a couple years). I’m with you; loved the guy from the moment he showed up.

Dec 17 2015

There’s a sixth season of Parenthood (series finale was earlier this year). So, you have 13 more episodes to watch/cry through (or a correction to make above.)

Dec 2 2015

Have I not been paying attention, or is this new book you’re working on new information? (Asking on behalf of the $20 that just leapt out of my wallet and ran towards my monitor)

Jul 9 2015

There was already a (short-lived) Starfleet Academy comic series in the late 90’s, centering on Nog and Admirial Decker’s son. Always wished there was more done with that (such as the TV idea mentioned elsewhere)

Jul 6 2015

It’s curious though, because it’s been my experience that the people who know the least Trek lore going in are the ones who enjoyed it most. When I attempted to articulate my displeasure with the film, I was written off as being a fanboy whose admiration for the source material colored the ability to enjoy the film. Read more

Jun 22 2015

This’ll sound crazy, but “Magic” by B.O.B. with a friend doing the Rivers Cuomo part. Also “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers

Jun 11 2015

I didn’t want a genderswapped Miami Vice in space...until you said those words, in that order.

Apr 14 2015

Followed by a gentle toussling of the batboy’s hair, as a thank you for returning his carefully-constructed bat to the dugout so he can easily retrieve it for his next at-bat.