Yesterday 11:39PM

Was it fun then? My son and I watched the trailer last night. I feel like critics often do a terrible job reviewing light, fun, comedic movies. Not everything has to be Oscar worthy, you know?  Ebert understood this!  

Yesterday 7:02PM

It looks like fun, I want to see it. I don’t always agree with critics. 

6/18/21 9:33AM

Ya’ll got any more of them working kinja comment sections?

6/14/21 10:44AM

I love the idea of doing a one-off non-canon reimagining of the cast through a different cultural lens. (Not that Scooby Doo really has canon.)
Especially as (most of) those characters are so exaggerated and have such silly characteristics, it’s easy to tweak one or two parts of their character but retain their essence.

6/14/21 9:58AM

My fan casting for an older and more worldly Velma would be Keiko Agena. Loved her as Edrisa on Prodigal Son. Sure she’d be an older Velma, but that could explain why Scooby isn’t around. Dogs don’t live that long... not even ones named Scooby-Doo.

6/13/21 1:08AM

I sort of think the type of person that is going to sensationalize (and fictionalize, for that matter) a murderer to make a drama, such a person might not be able to have an objective view of their personal actions, and perhaps what the quality of similar works of art are. Read more

6/12/21 6:08PM

Actually you’re BOTH awful people for cashing in on serial murdering, necrophilic sexual sadist, and someday I hope you both get to meet Bundy personally.  

6/11/21 3:13PM

Samara Weaving looks mighty good with red hair. Sorry. Nothing witty or particularly smart to say. Just an appreciation post.

6/09/21 11:43AM

I really wanted Danielle Nicolet to return to Warehouse 13 as a prospective regent/ love interest for Pete. The Flash has typically not used her as much as I would like but I am hopeful this storyline is the start of her being more in the mix

6/08/21 3:29PM

Cannot emphasize enough how good a choice this is. To this day I still get goosebumps when I hear his Voices from Macross Plus. (It’s very very 80s, but I don’t care. I’m old and I own my silly nostalgia)

6/02/21 7:41PM

Cinnamon Hadley was the artist inspiration for Death, for what it’s worth (yes, it’s been confirmed). No one as well known as Tori.
Read more

5/31/21 8:55PM

Boycott io9 till they revert to the old and superior format. If their viewership drops off a cliff they'll have to rethink their decision. We can do this! 

5/31/21 5:36PM

At most publications, layout, editorial, and marketing run in completely different departments and have little to no contact with each other. Read more

5/31/21 5:06PM

Ohhhh you’ve stumbled into my favorite gripe about Beauty and the Beast. Gaston and the Beast are equally assholes but the rich guy gets years(? The animated movie certainly implies centuries while the live action move implies maybe a decade) to reform his asshole ways while the poor man (Gaston) gets his ass tossed Read more

5/31/21 3:00PM

I agree, but doubt the powers that be will care. They continue to cram slideshows down our throats despite the near unanimous disdain for their obvious click-harvesting. Why would they listen here? io9's days were numbered the moment it became a subpart of Gizmodo. It’s a shame because I’d kept it Read more