Tuesday 8:27PM

Never read the book so this is news to me. He was just flat out evil in the movie. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Actually makes the idea sound appealing.

Tuesday 11:30AM

Okay. I love Luke Evans. I really do. Fantastic actor. Super charismatic.

Tuesday 11:17AM

Yeah, but that wouldn’t do the future people any good. This would just create a branching timeline where a different future is prepared for the aliens. Depending on which version of time travel guidelines we’re operating by. Read more

Monday 9:34AM

RE: Velma. I’m fine with doing some tweaks to a character’s appearance or scenario. Just have to be careful that you don’t venture too far off the beaten path that it doesn’t resemble them at all. I think in this case, it’s still close enough to the source that it works. Looking forward to seeing the results.

6/11/21 10:26AM

Samara Weaving looks mighty good with red hair. Sorry. Nothing witty or particularly smart to say. Just an appreciation post.

6/03/21 2:36PM

It’s something, but it’s like having the old layout but with a bunch of other gizmodo articles that a lot of us just aren’t interested in. I’ve more or less given up on it changing back at this point though.

5/31/21 9:00PM

Based on your comment history just from the last few days, seems like your presence here exists solely to rip on other people. So I’ll just go ahead and place zero value on what you have to say.

5/31/21 7:03PM

I can understand that. So I’ll tell you what. After today, I’ll drop it. I’m not looking to bang my head against the gawker wall indefinitely. 

5/31/21 6:24PM

Look, I get it. Someone got paid to redesign the io9 layout. Even though it’s bad, someone wants to get their money’s worth. Sometimes though, you just gotta take the L, accept it’s not gonna work out and just make the right choice.

5/31/21 5:40PM

I get all that. Sadly this is the only level of access I have available to me.

5/31/21 5:16PM

Imagine having the power to single-handedly revert the io9 page layout back to what it was? Imagine being able to troll your entire readership and watch them twist in the wind with no recourse. Why would anyone give up that power? Such unimaginable power. 

5/31/21 5:10PM

Hey Rob, like I’ve been telling the others. I get that you personally cannot do anything about it, but I’m just leaving notes like these to indicate that no one likes the io9 layout change. Read more

5/31/21 2:24PM

Solid chance nobody cares. But if nobody makes an effort to oppose the change, it has an absolutely zero chance of getting fixed. So I take a minute here and there to just say something.

5/31/21 12:30PM

I can’t speak for Safari as I don’t use it. But that *might* be a general issue with Kinja, which is a nightmare on it’s own in a number of ways.

5/31/21 12:27PM

Honestly I don’t know. Anywhere else I go is just cluttered with multiple paragraph articles about unsubstantiated rumors. io9 feels like the only place I can go for this kind of information that is *usually* framed as “this is a thing that is happening and here is why that’s interesting/important”.

5/31/21 12:25PM

Books are well and good, but a large portion of my daily reading allowance is spent here on io9. Sadly, that experience has been made harder by recent changes to the io9 specific page layout. I’m sure that, given time, we’ll be able to all understand how accommodating the previous layout was and go back to the ease Read more

5/31/21 12:21PM

Given the subject of this article, I will not be addressing the issue I’ve been working on in the other articles of this site, out of respect. Be back next article.