Mar 26 2016

Tracey’s daughter is a little “mini-me” with that expression on her face. Briana Fellowes.

Mar 16 2016

came here to say just that... if someone is scared... and wants to stop... and the other person doesn’t stop... that’s rape. It’s even RAPE rape.

Nov 5 2014

I thought he just expected them to catch him eventually. I don't know why he would have to get rid of his phone if he planned on facing them down at her house. Read more

Oct 29 2014

Sometimes I wonder how some have tons of people just waiting to get with them while I never have anyone. Now I see it's because I refuse to date sex offenders.

Oct 24 2014

Wait. Sorry. New to Kinja. I accidentally starred my own post... I thought if I clicked on the thingy it would tell me who liked it? Read more