Aug 22

Yes, failure is ok if you learn something valuable from the experience that you may not have learned any other way - or as quickly. But I don’t need to waste millions of dollars building a test road out of expensive, fragile, and in this application, impractical solar panels to know that this particular idea was a Read more

Aug 5 2019

It’s not vegetarian, it’s beef filled out with soy protein. They could probably get away with making it all TVP, frankly.

Aug 5 2019

“And, if we’re being true to ourselves, it is rather tasty—at least that’s how I remembered it the last time I ate one in my early 20s.” Read more

Jul 24 2019

“Wow, amazing. NONE of the Citroen trucks lasted more than 3,000 miles and they all failed catastrophically! Congrats on the sabotage.” Read more

Jun 20 2019

Carol Danvers just standing off to the side, literally in the rainbow glow of her powers but never mind her everyone, nothing to see here!

Apr 25 2019

I have no doubt those Chinese boats can collide with commercial shipping as well as anything in the USN inventory. 

Sep 13 2018

Not enough time to proofread posts.  Gotta get it in fast to get more clicks.

Sep 12 2018

SMH... Take like the tiniest bit of pride in your work once in a while, and proofread/edit your posts.
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Sep 12 2018

Local Car dealer put up a brand new big sign over their dealership Mitsubshi

Aug 21 2018

I’m amazed I had to scroll to the very bottom to find this comment.